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Trips to See the Gorillas, Wildlife and other attractions in Uganda and Rwanda

AA Safaris and Tours, is a safari company based in of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania has exclusively created the magical journeys of East Africa ranging from Wild life tours, Mountaineering and hiking expeditions, fishing safaris, cultural tours and gorilla tours. Sketching the path of the great East African Rift valley through Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania is an astounding journey linking all the East African Mountain Ranges, like the Rwenzori, Virunga, Kilimanjaro and many others.


Uganda safari
As a destination, Uganda offers a unique and exciting range of products from the Magnificent Ssese Islands, to the snow capped Mountain Rwenzori set in a region of intriguing flora and fauna to the Virungas that harbor the endangered gentle giants the Mountain Gorillas!  Therefore, we welcome you to come and taste this wonderfully charming and delightful country with its thrilling carte du jour of treasures and pleasures that combines reminiscence and sweet memories with natural beauty and a range of cuisines to tempt appetite.

We take you for tourist activities such as gorilla safari treks, mountain climbing, chimpanzee and gorilla tracking, wildlife tours around Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda as well as other African safaris.

On this website, you can glance at every hospitality unit and get a clue on the culture and values of Uganda above all that make Uganda such an additive destination popular for the friendly people and beautiful virgin culture.
Uganda is a Land locked country beautifully placed on the northern shores of L. Victoria in the centre of Africa. Situated at the geographical heart of the African Continent, Uganda’s society is still predominantly rural with 80% of the population living in rural areas. Traditional customs and life styles are still alive in many parts of the country, which spices to the tourists experience. Uganda is unique in a way that it has various groups of people and each group has its unique traditional customs, artifacts, and many colorful ceremonies. Say for example, The Bagisu of Mbale are commonly known for circumcision also known as imbalu in their language, most of the tribes have their own dances like the Runyege dance of the Banyoro, Dingi dingi of the Acholi, Ntogoro of the Batooro , name it. The traditional marriages are a must see, while the ways of dressing are worth a display.  Uganda has long been a cultural melting pot as evidenced by the existence of 30- plus different indigenous languages belonging to five distinct linguistic groups and an equally diverse cultural mosaic of music, art and handicrafts. Uganda’s most antique inhabitants set to hilly southwest are the Batwa and Bambuti Pygmies found around the western part of Uganda.  Far in the North Eastern Uganda is the presence of the Karamajongs the conservative pastoralists whose life style is reminiscent of the popular Masai in Kenya. Visitors are often welcome to observe any of the traditional ceremonies of the country, although as a courtesy, tourists should always seek permission before taking photographs.

Ecologically, it’s where the savannah meets the West African Jungle. Where else but in this impossibly lush country can one observe Lions Prowling the open plain in the morning and track Chimpanzees through the rain forest undergrowth the same afternoon, then the next day navigate tropical channels crowded with hippos and crocodiles previous to heading into the misty mountains to track and gaze deep into the eyes of the endangered mountain Gorillas with their dominants the Silver backs? You can take on a gorilla safari to Uganda.Then one would say Uganda is compelling and unique with an assortment of natural infinite beauties!! Uganda is the only safari destination whose range of Forest primates is as impressive as its selection of plains’ antelope. And this verdant biodiversity is further attested to by Uganda’s status as by far the smallest of the four African countries whose bird check list tops the 1000 mark. Yet there is more to the country than wildlife- far more! There is the mighty source of the Nile Punctuated by the magnificent Murchison falls and the scenery for some of the world’s most exciting commercial white-water rafting. There are the beautiful snow capped peaks of the Rwenzoris which offer an enticing defies to devoted hikers as well as the Virunga Volcanoes and mountain Elgon both of which provide absolutely incentive hiking opportunities through gorgeous highland scenery. More sedately, the myriad Island of L. Victoria and Bunyonyi are idyllic Venues, as are the myriad forests fringed crater –Lakes that lie on the rift valley floor and steep ridge around Fort portal.  The birding opportunities in Uganda are impressive with over 1000 species of birds recorded. Uganda has almost half the species of Africa’s bird species and 10% of them are recorded throughout the entire world. Uganda’s Location combined with the altitude and great variety of terrain types provide an over whelming array of opportunities for keen birders. Queen Elizabeth national park alone has 550 avian species and the tops birding spots are Bwindi National park, Mabamba Swamp, Budongo forest, Murchison falls national Park , Mgahinga NP, mabira Forest , L. Mburo,  Rwenzori Np, Semliki Np and Kibale forest. While the top most sought for birds are; the shoe bill stork, African Green Broad Bill, Green – breasted Pitta, Nahan’s Francolin, Brown –chested plover, Karamoja’s apalis, black bee- eater, Rwenzori Turaco, Red fronted Ant pecker purvell’s Illadopsis and many others and with us, you can encounter them all.


Uganda Safari Planner
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