5 Adventure Experiences Not to Miss in Uganda

In the kingdom of creation Uganda was highly blessed and favored to the extent to upholding the Africa condensed narration. Winston Churchill Great Britain Prime Minister witnessed this hence baptized Uganda the Pearl of Africa in his famous travel book of centuries “My African Journey”. Explaining “For magnificence, for variety of forms and color, for profusion of brilliant life-birds, insects, reptiles, beasts for vast scale – Uganda is truly “the Pearl of Africa”.

Who can add of these confession, even after centuries Uganda is still intact with people, the country is still naturally composed with volumes of presentations. Across borders unlimited echoing considerations are here for everyone with the world accolades stature Uganda one of best African considerations. With the world’s longest River, Africa’s largest fresh water Lake Victoria, Africa’s 2nd deepest Lake Bunyonyi, Largest populations of mountain gorillas in the wild, perfect chimpanzee tracking destinations, world’s most powerful waterfalls Murchison Falls, world’s most hospitable people. All these leaves no doubting on mention of the Africans most rewarding adventure destination (Uganda).

With such volumes of mentions, one comes to understand that the country presents quite a number of thrilling adventure encounters and the challenge stands how to choose those best fitting 5 things to do on an adventure experience to Uganda. Reading through a selection gives you a countdown of which thrilling adventure that no one would dare miss on their adventure expedition to the pearl of Africa.

  1. An adventure to Kidepo Valley National Park

This is becoming Africa’s most thrilling adventure destination in Uganda. Kidepo Valley National Park is known to be the True African Wildness possessing what exactly one would wish to find in Africa. The Kidepo Valley National Park is strategically located at the horn of the far northern Uganda bordering Kenya and South Sudan. It’s Africa’s remotest park due to hardness in accessing by road and advisably the park cannot be reached in one day from Kampala capital.

This park has featured in various globally recognized accolades where in 2013 was nominated among the best national parks in Africa by World Travel Awards (WTA), in that same year was named 3rd among the best national park in Africa by CNN and in 2021 Kidepo has also featured in the WTA list of best African parks of only Ugandan tourist destination featured in these awards.

We call the park “Africa intact” considering the culture of people living in areas around, the wider untouched nature that hosts a broader ecosystem (biodiversity) some calling it the lost Eden. There is quite great natural encounters on a safari to Kidepo Valley National Park which include culture expeditions, wildlife viewing, and mountaineering among others. An adventure in Uganda a route Kidepo Valley National Park is among the fewer safari selections which can propose a sight of the wild Big5.

  1. Gorilla trekking

In the frozen and moist morning you hurry into the forest in search for the man closest relatives, imagine trekking through unpatched slops into the muddy, finding your own path through the valleys of bamboos, and thorny forests is gorilla trekking. This adventure today is becoming Africa’s most thrills highlighting the rest of the adventures on the continent. A gorilla safari in Uganda is done in the volcanoes of both Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. From the two gorilla parks Uganda stature to host over half of the mountain gorillas with highest offers of watching gorillas on a daily basis (highest number of permits). Gorilla trekking is a very competitive adventure which requires prior preparations on booking permits which is advisable to occur at least two month before the trekking date.

A walk to find the gorillas can last for about 30 minutes to 6 hours before finding the assigned trekked group, this is quit hectic and tiresome spending such much time but on an encounter with the wild gentle giants is an amazing moment. Imagine a face to face summit with the silverback then one realize that these are emotionally close relatives as you may think they’re communicating something. When opting for this adventure in Uganda there much opportunities as well very accommodative to all classes of travelers in terms of budget connotation.

  1. Chimpanzee trekking

A combination of chimpanzee and gorillas makes a reality show on the apes, Uganda the planet of apes presents these special apes encounters and it is an awesome try. Uganda globally presents the finest chimpanzee tracking alternative which can be tracked from various tropical rain forests and Kibale Forest National Park always is the perfect selection as well known for being the world capital of adventure.

Other forests where one can track chimpanzees in their natural setting include Bugoma forest reserve, Budongo forest reserve, Semuliki game reserve, Kyambura gorge forest reserve. Hurrying into the forest with an armed ranger guide then start on the track to find the chimpanzees, and finding them one has a period of an hour in their presence which is usually packed with varying among which is the entertainment from the apes, as well taking photos and gazing it’s an adventure of its kind.

  1. Visiting the Equator

Wow, finding yourself following the line of the sun it’s more exciting, Uganda has several traced equator line which can be found in Kasese in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kalangala Island and Kayabwe in Mpiji on Masaka road. The Equator line on Kampala – Masaka road in Kayabwe about 65km southwest of Kampala marked with a monument that coils up equator vaulting terminuses. When one traveles with the GPS can trace out the right position of the equator as well demonstrations that defies gravitational forces can help finding the line. The main focus is take a lifetime photographs at the equator line which is an amazing moment. Any adventure leading to western Uganda can offer chances of a life time pic on the few equator lines on the continent. 

  1. Adrenaline adventure

Uganda is a the hub of adrenaline adventures on the African continent without any kind of doubt, and these adventure are only testified in Jinja the renown East African capital of adrenaline adventures which are done on the world’s longest River Nile. The Jinja city is a place to relax off your fatigue after a long restless Uganda safaris. Among the most thrills here include white water rafting which ready for first timers and advanced rafters doing grade 4 and 5 rafts, Bungee jumping, tubing, kayaking all these are amazing consideration just worthy enough time to experience. Take a time to rebrand your trip to Uganda and make adrenaline adventures part.


Always Uganda is a country of diversity and making just a selection of 5 best things to do on an adventure to Uganda is not enough to exploit what the country can offer but there great number of considerations.