About Uganda

Uganda is a country of shimmering lakes, lofty mountains and mysterious forests. You will love the country because of its astonishing beauty! It is ideal for a trip of discovery in the most enthralling continent in the world, offering exciting adventures and memorable wildlife encounters. Its naturalness explains it all. It is now explained as “Africa’s Garden of Eden” by many visitors whose physical features moved Sir Winston Churchill to refer the country as the ‘Pearl of the Nile’, an adage which was later changed to “The Pearl of Africa”. Uganda lies between latitudes 4° 12′ N and 1° 29′ S, and longitudes 29° 34′ E and 35° E. It covers a total area of 241,039 square km and stands in the heart of Africa across the Equator see the map of Uganda.

The Republic of Uganda’s name has been derived from the Kingdom of Buganda, which used to include a section of today’s south Uganda including the capital city of Kampala. This landlocked East African nation is bordered by Kenya on the east, the Democratic Republic of Congo on the west, Sudan on the north, Tanzania on the south, and Rwanda on the southwest.

Take a look at our Uganda map to get your bearings and choose a hotel in Uganda based on its location. Lake Victoria, which is bordered by Tanzania and Kenya as well, covers a large part of southern Uganda. Joining one or more Uganda tours is a rewarding way to explore this beautiful country; exploring the many things to see and do in Uganda.

Unfortunately the national parks of Uganda are not as frequently visited as those in nearby Tanzania and Kenya. The reality is that Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, is far safer and friendlier than most cities in the continent.

Neighbours of Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country. It is bordered by South Sudan in the North, Kenya in the East, Tanzania in the South, Rwanda in the Southwest and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the West.


Uganda is divided into administrative units called districts. There are 112 districts at present. Each district has its own headquarters for easy administration and provision of services to the people.The head of the district is the Local Council Five Chairman.

At national level, there are line ministries each with a particular role to play in the economy and national development.

Uganda Tourism

Uganda is a year round holiday destination blessed with a diversity of wildlife found in its unique and lovely national parks, a home for endangered mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees, a stop over shop for birding and unique cultural experience Africa

It has become a preferred destination for those seeking an exclusive safari experience combining pristine beauty, diverse habitat and abundant wildlife.
In terms of activities, gorilla trekking and chimp tracking are the best. Boat cruises along Kazinga and the Nile River, nature walks, hiking on the Rwenzoris and mt Elgon , bird watching in Uganda forests, wetlands and National parks, rafting along River Nile, game watching in the Uganda National Parks and cultural visits to learn about diverse ethnic groupings and kingdoms all make your holiday memorable.

The highlights are hotels like Mweya Lodge,Paraa Lodge,Jacana Lodge,Nile River Camp,Gorilla Forest Camp,Buhoma Lodge,Ruhija Gorilla Lodge.Gorilla Moutain Lodge,Ishasha Wilderness Camp,Apoka Lodge,Semliki Lodge, Speke Resort,Cassia Lodge,Emin Pasha Hotel,Golf course Hotel(food, staff, absolutely excellent, beautiful grounds, offers lots of services), the airport guest house, Chimpanzee Guest House, Buhoma Bandas (with  amazing staff and they offer quite good food, also).Nkuringo Gorilla Camp which  is an excellent choice for community based tourism and the proceeds go back to the village, the community walk, canoe trips are excellent value for very little money. As far as activities, the gorilla trek is amazing- the guides and trackers are quite good, and it is definitely an experience one should not miss to see them so close.

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