Among the destinations in Uganda, Jinja offers tourist packages with thrilling experiences especially on the Nile. Jinja is located in eastern Uganda and it’s a place of the source of the great river Nile- the longest river in Africa. The Nile in Jinja is at its very early stages with various rapids that provide opportunities for various water activities that range from kayaking, white water rafting, squad biking and many others which can all be explored on the waters of the Nile which can be explained as below;

White water rafting

Jinja is the east African capital for adventure tourism best experienced with white water rafting on river Nile rapids. The upper Nile at Jinja has various classes of rapids that provide thrilling water experiences and adventures. Itdoes not matter whether it’s your first time; in fact most tourists who go for white water rafting always do it for the first time.

All those going to raft are first briefed, given the right protective gears especially life jackets and then taken for one of the most exciting rides. The rafting guides in Jinja are well trained and have enough experiences and can handle well all those doing rafting for the first time. For all the tourists who want their photos taken while rafting or a video coverage, there is a team well qualified to do that and can provide standard photographs and video coverage at affordable prices.

Safety while on the ride is highly ensured by a safety boat and a fleet of rescue kayaks which follow the rafting teamto help those who drop off their rafting boats so there are no possibilities of drowning. Much as white water rafting sounds very exciting, it might be scary to some people but there is no need to worry because there are less extreme river Nile expedition options.

Boat cruises

These provide relaxing and slower river Nile expeditions catering for all kinds of tourists whether young or old, alone or with a family. There is a two storage boat that enables large groups of tourists especially those that travel in families spend more time having fun together on the fresh waters.

While on the boat, there are provisions for lunch (buffet) with great views of the river and cool relaxing winds. TheNile has various birds therefore there are many possibilities of seeing different bird species; a pair of binoculars can never be a bad idea while on a boat cruise for easy viewing of the birds.

The most exciting part of the Nile is the sun set cruise that can be well viewed at around 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm and some times at 7:00 pm in the evening. The sun set view over the Nile is one of the spectacular sights that prove that Uganda is indeed the pearl of Africa and most times it’s accompanied by snacks and various beverages like ice cold beer.

The sights of the white waters, birds and exploding sounds of the river Nile water makes boat cruises one of the most enjoyable tourist activity on river Nile in Jinja.

Jet boating

This is a best option for the tourists interested in motorized adventure on the Nile using a speed boat. The ride takes about 30 minutes over rapids and it’s characterized with spins and jumps over the river as water splashes in the air.

Jet boating does not require a swimming experience and can be enjoyed by young ones from five years of age. Family and group packages are also available on the 12 seater jet speed boat that runs at about 90 kilometers per hour.


This is another unique way of exploring the Nile. Half and full day packages are available depending on an individual’s preference.

Those who already know how to kayak get the best experiences from the calm to the wild waters at the different stages of the Nile. Most exciting is that solo kayaking lessons are provided for first timers and all those seeking to improve their kayaking skills.

For starters, introductory lessons begin at the calmer sections of the Nile then ahead to the paddling sections learning forward and backward paddling, rolling and rescue techniques. Children kayaking learning sessions are also carried out to ensure that the young ones do not miss out on the Nile waters expedition. All the kayaking lessons are made basing on standard safety procedures with well experienced trainees whoensure that all those who paid for the activity to get their money value.

Bungee jumping

Thebungee tower of the Nile stands at 44 meters high offering great views of the Nile. The bungee jump offers a thrilling experience with possibilities of touching the water depending on ones preference. There is a possibility of jumping with a friend because the bungee jumping tower can jump 235 kilograms at once.

Most people who go for the jump usually prefer the ankle tie but there is also an option for full body harness.

Those who have ever done the jump make various freestyles as their photographs are being taken.

Squad biking

This is usually done on the banks of the river with various packages that can last for different durations depending on the tourists choice; some last for a full day and others range from 1 to five hours.

Squad biking is not limited by age because there are provisions for kids’ squad biking. This activity enables tourists to fully explore the river Nile banks in Jinja through villages; farms and forests down stream the dusty trails. Sun set squad biking is also possible especially for tourists who have a full day.


Cyclingis mainly done around Mabira forest which is about 20 kilometers from Jinja town with various bird and tree species plus monkeys. It’s also donethrough villagesaround the Nile, to Bujagali falls and the Bugembe view point which provide great views of Lake Victoria. Those interested can go up to the source of river Nile. All the cycling trips are made with the help of a guide very familiar with the places.

Cycling expeditions in Jinja enable the tourists to have a feel of the Uganda rural life as well as the cool temperatures of the country. Standard bikes are available for hire from various companies.
Horseback riding

Horse rides are made for two to three hours along the Nile banks and in the villages with great views of the Nile. The horses are well trained and can be ridden by all kinds of people even those without horse riding experience. The horses are accompanied by guides and those with children can take walking horse safaris which are at a slower riding speed.