Bahai Temple

The Bahai Temple is regarded as one of the major wonders not only in Uganda, but in Africa at large as it is the only temple of the Bahai faith on the entire African continent. There are only eight (8) houses on the different continents serving the Bahai faith in the whole world although current reports show that there are plans of constructing other Houses in the world.


Back in the 1950s, a team of people of the Bahai faith traveled to Uganda to preach about their faith and fortunately, there was a “huge conversion”. Several Ugandans acknowledged the Bahai faith and Shoghi Effendi “the Guardian”, (born 1897 and died 1957), and leader of this Bahai faith internationally, described Uganda as “the spiritual heart of Africa”. He firmed that the mother Temple of the African continent be built in Uganda. each continent currently has one temple, and the head temple is situated in Haifa – Israel.


The Temple situated approximately 7 km from Uganda’s capital city center – Kampala and has overwhelmed and stunned numerous visitors with its splendid architectural as well as the stunning natural setting in which it grandly stands. The temple premises are on an area of 50 acres with very beautiful gardens. Seated on the peak of Kikaya hill, this temple can be seen from all the different hills of Kampala as well as from several other suburbs surrounding the city as if signals people to visit and explore its grandeur.

The Bahai Temple Measures more than 130 ft in height with a high pointed tip at peak of its green dome. Also referred to as the Bahai House of Worship, the Bahai temple radiates a majestic splendid presence such that one would simply imagine that that the temple was naturally placed there at the very creation of this world!


Following 4 devoted years of constructed, this respected symbol of the Bahai faith was finally opened to the entire public on 15th January, 1962. It was carefully and expertly built and finished with colorful octagonal glass – planes which comprise majority of the more than100 meter diameter large building, whose floor was finished with brownish blue plus chocolate ceramics that were also placed on the remaining part of the walls, that then blended with the beautiful green roofing that reflect an appearance that well blends with the gorgeous natural gardens with mowed grass, rows of beautiful flowers and green trees.

The temple is well guarded all through the day by guards dressed in light blue shirts plus navy-blue trousers (for the males), whereas the female guards are dressed in light blue tops plus navy blue skirts. These are always available to guide visitors it be tourists, those on a family picnic, or those merely having a casual visit. A tour of just the exterior of the temple will certainly give you the urge to at least have a peer in the inside of this beautiful establishment.

However plucking of flowers as well as plants, use of compulsive drugs as well as consumption of alcoholic drinks is prohibited in this area since it is a place of worship.