KWS struggle to stop elephant poaching

There are reports made about elephant poaching in the southern part of mountain Kenya forest reserve.there are about six elephants mentioned to have been killed by poachers from the month of January in an eight kilometer radius in areas within the Castle Forest. This problem is partially affecting the Kenya Forest Service as well as the Kenya Wildlife Service especially since the poachers are constantly killing the animals without consideration.

There were some people who were in disguise that killed some elephants and all they wanted was to get the elephant tusks for sale. There is an increasing demand for ivory has led to the increasing slaughter of the elephants; this is an issue that must be addressed immediately to avoid future consequences which might be so disastrous to the tourism industry.  According the local residents who go to collect firewood in the forest, the elephants have become very hostile to people probably because they have also noticed that the humans are a threat to their lives and have decided to become aggressive in self defense.

The tourists are now blaming Kenya saying that it has not done whatever is required to protect and conserve its wildlife. this is so because the government has not endeavored to carry out an investigation about the past incidents of poaching that have been done in the country and rather got very upset last month when the report was produced indicating about 2000 elephants being killed in Kenya every year  to an extent that KWS arrested the source.

The figure of 2000 elephants seems reasonable given the fact that there are about six elephants that are killed in a period of three month in a small areas, it is probably the time for KWS to do its job and protect its wildlife because failure to do so the tourism industry will soon face serious problem and yet it contributes greatly to the economy of the country.

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