Kenya refutes report about container full of ivory

One of Kenya’s wildlife representatives has come out to clarify about the information that was reported in the papers 2 weeks back about a one container that was caught at the Mombasa port supposedly containing ivory. He said that this container was not containing ivory but rather horn of the Ankole cattle. According to the statement these cattle horns that was made from the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS), it indicates that this came after their independent joint team which consists of KWS, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), Port Police (Criminal Investigation Department) and journalists situated in Mombasa confirmed that news.

The container was discovered by the Kenya Revenue Authority official on April 4 during their usual verification exercise just before they go in for auctioning. This incident led to blame from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and said that this is a sign of lack of which warned that there is an overwhelming illegal trade going on  which threatens the survival and existence of elephants in Africa including Kenya. The conservation group also mentioned that they were bothered by the increase in the number of elephants poached in Kenya and other countries where elephants are reserved more so for tourism purposes.

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