Car Rental

Looking for a car rental in Uganda? We offer several cars for hire in Uganda. From compact cars to sophisticated custom safari  land cruisers and jeeps, you will get the car you want at a very good rate.

Featured Car Rental Agencies

  1. Car Rental Uganda – – Find great deals in both chaffeur and self drive rentals in Uganda with the oldest Ugandan owned rental agency.
  2. Uganda Self Drive – – providers of self drive rentals in Uganda.
  3. Car Hire Uganda – Offers a variety of comfortable vehicles for your safari either in Uganda or Rwanda.


Renting a car is one of the feasible way to reach any part of the country, it give you freedom and flexibility when you’re traveling as you’re in your own car and you can stop at any point if interested. The following are some of the car rental tips read them through and put them under consideration.

Choosing a Vehicle

It’s very essential to choose a good vehicle you will need when on a safari, if you’re travelling alone you may want a Rav 4, if you’re travelling with children you may need a large sedan or Suv, with a big group land-cruiser 4X4WD super custom or a van. If you’re simply looking to save money on rental rates and gas, you’ll want to reserve the smallest available model. Consult if the company from which you’re renting offers extras you may need or want like car seat, GPS system among others. Check out on our car rental Uganda for friendly cars rental

Booking Your Car

You should know how long will be renting the car, you should not let anyone to book for you; you may end up getting a wrong choice some think that may ruin your safari.   either less than a week or more, you’ll probably do best with a major rental company, like car rental Uganda, car hire Uganda a local company in Uganda providing better rates at a low cost .

Understanding Your Rental

It’s very important to read the terms and conditions carefully before confirming with your travel agencies especially if you’re booking online. Even if you’re booking on phone ask your company agent about restrictions. Inquire very well the conditions of your reservation if you don’t want problem. Ask any question that will be of important to your car rental like is there a penalty for no-shows? Is there a fee for additional drivers, ask for drop off charges, ask for your own protection in case of breakdown, office location, charges for extra days among any others. Knowing all these will make you book your car rental without any fear and your safari will be a success.

For one-way car rentals, its better you ask about drop-off charges. As this is very important sometimes they can be exorbitant. You are advised to give your flight number and scheduled arrive time to the airport rentals customer service representative, this can help to keep your reservation if the flight is delayed. But it’s better to book with a car rental Uganda to avoid inconveniences we do offer airport pick-ups and we are there at any needed time.

The True Cost of Car Rentals

Many companies advertise there rates on their website but the rate you see advertised may become so inflated with state and local taxes, airport surcharges, additional driver fees, insurance, among others so you may end up paying more than what you expected. And during pick seasons some companies increase their rates without changing their rates on their website. So before booking, learn more about these extra charges in Car Rental Hidden Costs to avoid being charged. With us our prices remain the same all year around with any additional charge contact us for more information about our charges and fleet.

Pickup Time

You should know the time you will arrive at the airport, its better you use a van or a Rav 4. if your first drive will be from an airport to a hotel for the night, this may save you the price of a day’s rental. Even if you use it for the whole day it won’t cost you a lot

Returning Your Car

Be aware on to return the car to avoid extra charges. For any extra day you are advised to inform your travel agency and for any breakdown report the incidence in time to avoid being stuck on the way. These and many other tips can help you before you rent a car and you will avoid any extras that would be charged on you.

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