Self Drive Rentals

Planning a Self Drive Road Trip in Uganda

After planning your safari destination and the number of days to spend on your safari, the second thing you should consider is the transportation part of it. How will you manage to reach to all your areas of attraction? Most of Uganda’s tourist attractions are located in the far parts of the country where public means cannot reach easily and at times it’s very expensive to use public means and you won’t feel comfortable as it could be if you plan your safari with a travel agency offering car hire services. When you use a public means you cannot even get time to admire nature or stop at any interesting places, so you end up having a bad experience and your safari won’t be a success.

In order to enjoy your safari you are recommended to hire a vehicle either self-drive or with a drive as you will be comfortable and you are able to stop at any area of interest. Besides, you can reach any part of Uganda even in the very remote areas. Driving at your pace gives you the freedom and you won’t be stressed as you decide the distance to cover in your convenient time. Either you’re on a city tour, a seminar, a convention or a safari to Uganda’s tourist attraction like national parks.

There are several car rental agencies where you can get variety of comfortable cars for rental at a very low price. When you’re on a self-drive in Uganda, recommended cars for hire include 4×4 Rav 4, Van , supper custom, Land-cruiser short and long, saloon cars,TX an TZ, min bus and coaster. We give the right car depending on the group of people and also advice on gorilla safaris, wildlife safaris, birding, and mountaineering. With a self-drive car you can’t fail to explore each and every part of Uganda with a lot of easy. Explore the Pearl of Africa with car rental Uganda we are there to serve you and make your safari a success.