Trackers Haven Lodge: The Ultimate Comfort Away From Home

For trackers, Uganda offers an ultimate comfort away from home through participating in numerous tourism activities in the country. The most paramount activities for trackers include gorilla tracking and Chimpanzee tracking. Gorilla tracking in Uganda is carried out in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National park. For lovers of chimpanzee tracking, the activity is carried out in Kibale forest National Park. Within this park, there are habituated groups of gorillas for viewing

The best season for trackers ultimate comfort Away from home

For trackers, this Easter Season should be considered as the best time to leave your home and come and enjoy comfort away from your home. As you plan  ahead of to go along with your family or a group, or with your children or only you and the wife Easter season  is the best time to get  away from home.

The activities to participate in this season

Gorilla tracking.

For experienced travelers in Uganda, the unique activity you can best participate in is gorilla tracking. This activity is carried out in the Republic of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic republic of Congo. In Uganda the activity of Gorilla tracking is carried out in Bwindi Impentrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla National park. These are purely mountain gorillas.

In case you wish to see the low land Gorillas, you are recommended to visit Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the north of the Congo near the border with Gabon.  This park is one of Africa’s oldest national parks, covering over 1,360 million hectares of pristine rain forest. It is an integral part of the Congo Basin ecosystem.

To simply track the Mountain gorillas of Uganda this season, you will visit Bwindi Forest. This park has been considered as one the Africa’s richest forest.  A part from the mountain gorillas, it has got other many attractions including; 350 bird species, 200 trees, over 300 butterflies, 50 reptiles and over 100 mammals  and hundreds of primates including  the rare black and white colobus and blue monkeys. These will make you participate in wildlife viewing, nature walk and photography. Do not leave behind your camera because you will need to take some photographs during the tracking expeditions.

The cost of Gorilla Tracking.

During this Easter season, the activity is quiet expensive this calls  for your preparedness, You will have to be well prepared since the demand is a bit  high. You will have to obtain a gorilla permit t of $ 600 which is approximately 2.1 million for the   foreign residents. The Uganda residents need to obtain a gorilla tracking permit at Ugandan shillings 250,000 for an hour tracking. All these permits are offered by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.  After you have paid this fee, it will include;   fee for guiding and fee for entering the park.

Where to stay.

There are many hotels, lodges and Guest houses within the country to offers you the best accommodation. These are found all over the country with the best ones being in Kampala and in Uganda’s national parks.  Within Kampala, you can opt to spend a night at Serena hotel and Sheraton among others. In the national parks, there many of these hotels and these include; Chobe hotel in Murchison falls, the Lodge Bella Vista in Kabarole,  The Kipling Lodge The Paraa Safari Lodge in Murchison falls,   Kyaninga Lodge  in  Kibale, the Mweya Safari Lodge in Queen Elizabeth National park ,the Primate Lodge Kibale The Rain-forest Lodge The Arcadia Lodges in Lake Mburo and lake  Bunyonyi.

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Recommended Rental Cars for Family Safaris in Uganda

Are you looking to taking a safari in Uganda with your family? There is nothing funnier than having a self drive in Uganda with your family recorded as one of the best experiences one would get in his/her lifetime. Many people in the world during vacation time, they travel with their family along and most especially during summer holidays. There is that euphoric moment one get when one watches his/her family having a good time and also strengthens the bond with in the family thus leading to a functional family.

Uganda is of no doubt one of those exciting places in the world where one can take his/her family for holidays as it has lots of attractions a family can enjoy for example a family can take up a wildlife safari tour to see those exotic animals that are not usual in their daily life: animals like lions, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, leopards, monkeys, antelopes among the special. There also so many resort beaches and islands where a family can enjoy themselves on the very many water bodies with in Uganda.

However for a family to have a safe and convenience Uganda holiday, they need to rent a car to traverse them everywhere they want to go through some of the most eye catching destinations which are seemingly a distant apart. There is no better ground traveling options to the various holiday destinations for a family other than using Uganda car rentals. Many rental car companies Uganda are found online as one can book with his/her preferred one online or by calling it on the numbers.

Hiring rental cars online comes with lots of merits for a Uganda family holiday and they are as follow:

Convenience and flexibility

It is very easy to hire a car of your choice online, be it an SUV or a van that can best suit for your family holiday. There is always a variety of cars exhibited online; it is always upon you to choice a car of choice, needs and budget. Rental cars Uganda have both luxury cars and cheap cars for their esteemed customers.

In additional to the above, there is nothing like waiting in a long queue. All you need to do is sit on your computer send an email to the car rentals then the car will reserved for you. You can also opt to use the phones as the websites are mobile friendly for reservation and search. Booking is always available 24 hours a day.

Varieties of cars to choose from

Online car rental companies Uganda also display variety of cars for their customers, it is always up to the customer to choose a car that fits his/her needs. There always cars of different kinds that is large, medium, compact, crossovers, sedans, luxury, mid range and budget cars. All you need to do is the disclose the nature of holiday, the family is taking then our sales teams will be at your service to advise you the best car to hire for Uganda holiday.

Privacy and confidentiality

While booking car rentals online, there is always room for you to make a discrete reservation as your personal information only stays with the car rental company. The websites have security certificates where by your information cannot leak to other parties. It is always private and pirate free.


A Self Drive Safari In Uganda – What To Know

From your country of origin, have you ever dreamt of seeing an elephant trumpeting its trunk, a lion climbing a tree, or a cheetah sprinting through the grasslands, then the pearl of Africa- Ugandan is one the places you can explore . During your safari when you have rented a car, it is very a thrilling and will give you chance to see wild animals going about their daily lives within their natural habitats. Uganda has a vast number of national parks and wildlife reserves that do offer adventurous opportunities to see wildlife up close. Most research and preparation goes into getting a safari fully arranged, deciding what national park to visit, and finding transportation and accommodation. During a typical self drive safari in Ugandan, it will cater for luxury tourists who have a quick vacation and decide to pre-book a packaged all-inclusive trip without thinking too much about the cost. After you have rented a car, there are several ways, though, to save money on an Ugandan safari.  What you need to be aware of is that just be prepared to spend at least a few United States Dollars which usually depends on your personal choices.

Always package your tours because there are countless companies that offer safari packages for tourists who wish to sit back and not do any planning. Usually, these safari tours are very fitting and are worth the money if you don’t have the time to research or if you want to avoid potential hassles. The high end package deals offer one price and generally cover everything from pickup to drop off and even from the airport, including food, fees, transportation, and lodging. However, with a packaged tour company, you will have to either join a group with a pre-made itinerary. This in most cases is a great option for solo travelers. Also you can customize a safari package with an itinerary to your liking and this option best works best if you are already traveling with a group.

For you to obtain reliable information about the country, there two organization bodies which can provide you with excellent resources for more information on safari and tours in Uganda. These are Uganda Association of Tour Operators, which is locally known as AUTO and Uganda Tourism Board known as UTB. These organizations do aim at promoting and giving credibility to the safari companies that maintain a high level of service and a great value-to-price ratio. You can also do your own safari and here, it is possible that you do a safari on your own, here’s how you can organize your own safari. To successfully enjoy Uganda’s national parks, do rent your vehicle. Nearly all national parks allow you to drive your own vehicle and this opens up opportunities for saving some money as well as allowing for more flexibility in doing exactly what you want.

On the side of accommodation, there are many lodges, hotels, and camp options to choose from, depending on the park you choose. Lodge rooms need to be booked a few weeks in advance, especially during peak season. The camping options will allow you to have an adventurous traveler who loves to be close to nature and can handle the howls of animals at night, personal camping is a great option. The many national parks offer camping options include Murchison falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park among others.

There’s always something exciting to experience on a safari in Uganda. If you can make the most of your Ugandan safari by doing some pre-planning, you’ll have the adventure of your life!


Self Driving in Uganda – Know Your Responsibilities

Do you like self driving on your Africa Safari? For all of you out there, always remember that when you are entering into a car rental agreement for a vehicle, you should patiently and also carefully read the entire contract top to bottom as many times as possible so that you understand your rights, obligations, terms and conditions. Always remember to shop around for the best deal for your own personal circumstances. This does not only apply to car hire only, but it also applies to minibus hire and all forms of other vehicle hire.

Make sure you check the contract you are signing to find out how and when you will have to pay for any damages that you do to the vehicle, and what avenues of appeal you have if you disagree with the damage assessment given by the rental company. Please note if you have extra fees such as early, late or airport drop-off or pick-up fees, taxes and mileage charges.

Check your rights and responsibilities in the event of a single vehicle accident and also check for clauses which would leave you fully liable for any damage. Check the size of the damage excess, and in what circumstances you will be required to pay it. Make sure your licence is current, and find out where you can and cannot drive the vehicle as some hire vehicles may be restricted to a fixed area or road type.

When you hire a car or locate a minibus for hire, make sure you read the policy careful, check for damage and pay any traffic offence fees you may incur during the hire term. By observing the rules and regulations set down in the contract, you will avoid complications if anything occurs that damages your car or others during the car hiring.


Investing in Uganda Tourism

Tourism contributes $1.2bn to Uganda’s GDP, making it the country’s second largest export. The Ugandan government named the tourism sector as one of its “Primary Growth Drivers of the Economy” and recently unveiled a Presidential Initiative for Sustainable Tourism. UTB and the Ugandan government are committed to promoting the future of Ugandan tourism through aggressive marketing along with the effective management and preservation of the country’s national parks.

The last year has brought significant international awareness to Uganda’s exciting tourist destinations. Uganda’s wildlife viewing, birding and hiking were recognized in major publications such as National Geographic, and the country was named “Number One Destination for 2012” by Lonely Planet. As interest in Uganda grows, UTB recognizes even more need to invest in tourism infrastructure to meet future demand.

UTB is available to support investors and partners in developing accommodations, tour operations, wildlife management and other projects in and around the 10 national parks to offer lucrative business opportunities in this emerging tourism hotspot.

Investment partnerships are a key part of UTB’s strategy for the sustainable, medium and long-term growth of tourism in Uganda in order to meet the growing market demands of international travelers.