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Exploring Uganda on a Self Drive Tour

Over the past decade, Uganda has been able to generate quite a number of tourists year after year, with its sunny skies, favorable weather and nice climate, incredible wildlife that include the rare mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable forest and more! A lot of people from noble and celebrities to adventure seekers have visited this beautiful country located just astride the Equator in the eastern side. Many independent travelers have really began flocking to this golden paradise to enjoy and explore what really makes Uganda, the Pearl of Africa as sir Winston Churchill penned down in his book “My African Journey” in the 1902.

Unlike other countries, where the evidence of mass tourism has occurred, Uganda decided to take a different path to developing ecotourism and the country offers some of the best places where you can watch wildlife in their natural setting minus huge tourist masses. As tourism grows, independent travel has also grown and from backpackers to road trippers who tale the advantage of a Uganda self drive, you can easily explore the country and see much of it independently. Since 1986 after the take over of the NRM government, Uganda embarked on the development of infrastructure such as roads, improving communication and today moving from one point to another is easier. That’s why many travelers opt for a self drive service while exploring Uganda. In addition you can easily rent a car for your own vacation pleasure, independence and best of all, convenience from various Uganda car hire agencies and here are some quick tips and reminders when it comes to self driving Uganda;

For first time Uganda tourists, its best if you have a friend or relative who can actually show you around the place but if not, a reputable Uganda car rental service is what’ll help you make your vacation be an unforgettable one. Many car rental agencies offer car hire with a driver who will help you travel from one place to another with a lot of ease. It is advisable to read extensively about the different places to visit if you are to take a self drive on your safari. Get armed with the proper materials and information on how to get from one destination to another, info about things to see and do, where to stay and more. When it comes to choosing which car rental agency for yourself drive rental endeavor to check for recommended car hire agencies from local travel guides and trip planners. Try to map out the places, beaches, amusement parks or wherever it is that you want to go to, way before you actually embark on your trip. It really is much wiser if you plan things carefully and thoroughly way ahead of schedule because this way you get to free yourself from possible headaches and hassles that can be usually caused by not planning ahead.

To help get yourself started onwards your quest to finding the perfect car rental agency that’ll best suit your needs, wants and most importantly, budget, it’s best to consult your travel agent on which agency that he/she would actually recommend to you. Though there are not many car hire agencies, choosing the right agency that stands out to be the best may tend to overwhelm you at the start, making you unsure whether or not you’re getting the services of a reputable agency. Well do try to heed my advice and ask around, it really won’t hurt you if you do. Apart from knowing what Uganda car rental agencies are actually out there, you even get broaden your knowledge about travel prerequisites such as this one.

Try to see if the services of a car rental agency are really what you need, if it’s actually a cheaper way for you to get around the city. Evidently, opting to take the self drive rental will make your vacation a lot convenient, think about it thoroughly and assess what actually are your priorities when it comes to taking this trip.

There is really a lot that you can do to make your vacations worthwhile and fun, just always remember to plan, plan, plan ahead. Weigh out all the options that you can find and try to be practical in picking out the best possible one. Car Hire in Uganda, to be honest isn’t really that bad, you’re bound to get a good deal somewhere, somehow. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look and having the patience to canvass and compare prices for different car rental services. In addition to asking your local travel agent on which car rental agency that he/she would like to recommend, you can also try asking for you relatives’ and friends’ advice. Ask them if they’ve actually availed the services of a car rental agency, more so, a car rental agency, ask them how it went and which particular self drive rental service agency would they recommend to you. Lastly, go to your ever-reliable PC and look-up Uganda car rental in the internet. You’re bound to get a long, long list of service companies who are more than willing to give you a good and fair deal.

Recommended Car Rental Agencies

One of the hard thing is to look for a car rental agency that offers self drive in Uganda. However i have tried to look out for a few agencies that are capable of providing this kind of service. Here are the recommended car rental agencies in Uganda;

  • Drive Uganda ( – this is the No.1 agency if you are looking for a wide choice of rental cars.
  • Car Rental Uganda ( – the oldest car hire agency offering cheap car rental, airport transfers and one way rentals.
  • Car Hire Uganda ( – has a good fleet of cars from SUVs to 4X4WD cars for adventure safaris and travel in remote areas.
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4 Best Safari Cars to Hire in Uganda

Are you searching for that one most comfortable 4×4 safari car to get you the best of your Uganda safari?  As we plan to get back to the wilderness for our post COVID-19 travels, choosing the best 4×4 safari car in Uganda for your safari holiday matters a lot in making your tour memorable. With our varied fleet of 4×4 safari vehicles, we have you covered!

Below are some of the best safari cars to hire for your Uganda safari holiday

4×4 Safari Land Cruisers

Go Uganda safaris comfortably in one of our classic 4×4 Safari Land Cruisers and you won’t be left in regrets! We have variety of rental Safari Land Cruisers with adequate space for you to relax, freely stretch your legs and room for your luggage. You can choose from our 3-7-seater comfortable and luxurious Safari Land Cruisers with a pop-up roof for you to have excellent big game viewing experience in pristine savanna safari parks like Kidepo Valley National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park or in Lake Mburo National Park.

Prado TX Land Cruisers

Travel in a new style in one of our Prado TX Land Cruisers. These are the best alternative for you to go Uganda safari holiday to any part of country or even if you are interested in participating on a city tour. They are perfect for long tour or short trips.

4X4 Safari Vans

The best way to explore Uganda is by embarking on your trip using a comfortable 4×4 Safari Van rental. Our safari vans are in their better mechanical conditions and they are perfect to be hired for family tours. We have the best safari van choice with capacity of 5 to 10 and they are equipped with air conditioners, charging spots, pop-up roof for you to enjoy amazing view wide range of wildlife species while on Uganda safaris in savanna safari parks.

Safari Coasters

We also have the best safari coasters suited for big or large group travelers on Uganda safaris. Our coaster buses have carrying capacity of about 28 to 32 and they come with adequate room for you to relax and your luggage to be packed.

Choose anyone of our best 4×4 safari rental cars and have a great opportunity to explore and experience Uganda’s magnificent safari parks such as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park on mountain gorilla trekking safari, Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park on wildlife safari and many others.

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Safety Tips When Taking Guided Safaris in Uganda

Taking a safari in Uganda is one of the most exciting and memorable activities you can ever do. The thrill of seeing one of the big five is an emotion that one can never forget in East Africa you can take a guided safari with a trained safari guide.  Are you planning to take gorilla safaris into Bwindi Forest, or you would just prefer an adventure trip into one of Uganda’s savanna national parks? These guided safaris can either be a drive through a national park or a game reserve or even guided hikes or horse rides.

While a guided safari may sound the safest option for the new safari goer there are some questions you should ask be asking before you book your trip:

1. Does the guide possess a qualification or certification?

There are many different institutions that provide training and certifications for guides. One example would be the USAGA of Uganda whereby other companies train field guides to be able to pass the USAGA exams. Simply asking if the guides taking you are USAGA certified helps you understand if they have the necessary knowledge to safely take you on a game drive.

2. Putting the qualification aside, how many years has the guide been working?

Often experience counts more than qualifications but having both would not hurt. The longer the safari guide has been at a company the more experience the guide should have. When it comes to safari guides, experience is the best requirement for a wonderful and memorable trip.

3. Will there be more than one guide?

A guided tour will often have more than one guide, if it is a guided walk there could be two guides. On some guided drives there is a safari guide and a tracker on the vehicle to increase sightings of animals. Having two specialist guides can reduce your safety risks greatly. Ask the company how many guides they use and if they say one, ask why?. In most cases the company can liaise with the rangers at the park to be safe.

4. What means of communication do the guides have?

If something were to happen on your guided safari how would the guides (or you) contact someone for assistance? Do the guides just have intermittent cell phone signal or do they have a proper radio communication system between safari vehicles as well as central office where help can be reached? The quicker help can be called the safer you will be in case of a bad situation.

5. Is the guide linked to a major company?

Going with a big name, well-known safari company is often more expensive but the bigger companies should have proper communication infrastructure, guides that have passed exams and often will ensure there is a second guide with the safari group; they have a reputation to uphold! If you go for a cheaper option with a smaller company, you might be putting yourself at risk. Then again if you do your research, read reviews and ask the right questions, you may be in better hands even in a smaller, more intimate setting. It is all about doing the right research.

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Best Time To Visit Gorillas In Uganda

A trip to Southwestern Uganda to track mountain gorillas is strongly an experience that comes once in a life time. Uganda’s mountain gorillas are only tracked in the jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. A 600 kilometer journey to the misty valleys of Kabale, Southwestern Uganda comes with tremendous gorilla experiences of a life time for visitors. Although it is a wish of every one around the globe to get a glimpse of these remarkable Giants in the wild, it takes visitors $600 to purchase a gorilla permit to achieve that dream. For visitors who may wish to improve on their experiences further, there is Gorilla Habituation Experience where he or she will be enjoying all the four hours with mountain gorillas in the wild.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is described as an all year round adventure. However, visitors ought to know the best time to travel to see mountain gorillas as each season comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Uganda is strategically located within Equator some thing that makes it to have 2 wet seasons; the short wet season starts in October and November while the long wet season occurs from March to May. The other months are dry but due to fluctuating weather patterns, it isn’t easy to forecast the seasonality of the country. In most cases, visitors tend to run away from gorilla tracking especially during the wet season given the fact Bwindi Impenetrable Forest receives heavy rainfall and in turn makes the gorilla habitat very muddy and slippery and hence a block to road connectivity to gorilla trail heads. Tracking gorillas becomes a bit changing for visitors but in most cases, there are visitors who come during this season. Well, it is possible to track gorillas during the wet season given the fact that rain showers can be experienced in the course of day and at the same time it can take a short time and the sun comes out and gorilla trekking explorer can still continue. Tracking mountain gorillas during wet season is also advantageous based on the fact that there can be plenty of food at the foothills and trackers are able to view them easily. The disadvantage with this season is that it comes with reduced chances of clear views and difficulty in photo taking for the visitors due to dense vegetation cover.

The peak season:

Most preferably, many visitors travel during this season to track mountain gorillas. Uganda’s peak season is characterized by low rainfall and it falls in the months of January, February, June, July, August, September and December. Because there are many visitors who come to track mountain gorillas, the demand for gorilla permits also tends to be high and visitors are encouraged to book them in advance. The dry season is the best for gorilla tracking as mountain gorillas can be sighted in temperate weathered areas with raised landscapes and this means that the climate remains cool throughout the year.

The low season:

This is the perfect time for visitors traveling on budget and many visitors have enjoyed visiting the country during this season. During this season, there are discounted permits that are offered to travelers in the months of April, May and November. The cost of permits for this season goes at $450 for foreign non residents, 400 for foreign residents and shs.150000 for East African residents. What is surprising is that, even the nearby lodges can reduce their prices.

In conclusion, gorilla tracking has no defined season, what may seem to be the best season for one may turn to be the worst time for some one else. However, it is best done during the dry season which offers travelers with incredible experiences. Come and explore what is inhabited within the tropical rain forests of Uganda and you won’t regret in life!

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Common Mistakes Made by Customers When Booking Car Rentals

Many people turn to car rentals as their best ground transportation while on a vacation, business and political engagements. But sometimes they end up having some misunderstandings between them and the car rental agency and also they may have to pay more money for the car hire services since they have violated the agreement. This results to customers cursing car rentals services. Some people make these mistakes ignorantly while others are just careless or reluctant.

These are the commonest mistakes made by travelers on their car rental services.

They forget to check the condition of the car yet this is a must thing to do on car rental services. The traveler has to check the car before taking for his/her vacation. One is supposed to check if there are some damages and dents on the car and also should check the mechanical condition of the car. It is recommendable to take pictures of the car. This helps one to know which damage she/she is liable for in case one happens. But sometimes, travelers make a mistake of not checking the car thoroughly and end up arguing with the car provider about the damages that may happen to the car i.e. everyone denying the liability of the damages.

Some travelers do not read the terms and conditions carefully. This is the commonest mistake people made on car rental services. Some people do not take a keen eye on some clauses of the car hire agreement and of which these can make them pay more for the car hire services like limited mileage clause, early return and return fuel refilling clause. You have to read the agreement so carefully and do not miss out a single clause because if you go against it, you are likely to pay a big premium for compensation.

Do not search on the internet for the best car rental services. Some people just use the car hire services that they come across other than making some research on the internet to get better deals. There are so many car rental companies offering good services at affordable rates on the web. When one does not use the internet is more likely to get cheated on the prices since he/she might not know the standard price of certain car rental services and end up paying much more money on low priced car hire services.

Furthermore some people only use the internet to find car rental services leaving out checking offline. Although internet has the best deals, endeavor to check offline too. It is best to check both online and offline, you never know the car provider might have forgotten to update his/her website yet when you go the offices physically you might land on a better deal.

If the above mistakes are put in the mind and amended, the traveler can have the best car rental deals which are comfortable, reliable and safe and pocket friendly.

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Uganda Road Requirements For Vehicles and Drivers

By East African standards, Uganda major roads are generally in good condition. Surfaced roads radiate out from Kampala, running east to Jinja, Busia, Mbarara Tororo, Mbale and Soroti, south to Entebbe, southwest to Masaka, northwest to Gayaza and Kayunga (and on Jinja). As a rule, however, Uganda, un surfaced roads tend to be very variable from one season to the next, with conditions likely to be most tricky during the rains and least so towards the end of the dry season. Even in this generalization, an isolated downpour can do major damage to a road that was in perfectly good condition a day earlier, while the arrival of a grader can transform a potholed 4×4 track into a road navigable by any salon car.

Driving in Uganda is interesting, a bit more challenging than other East Africa and Southern Africa countries. You definitely need to be a defensive driver. During yourself drive, just drive defensively when busses and minibus-taxis are around as their drivers are crazy. These are now the main hazard on Ugandan roads aside from unexpected potholes. Minibus-taxi drivers in particular have long been given to overtaking on blind corners, and speed limits are universally ignored except when enforced by road conditions.

As a big threat as minibus-taxis these days are the spanking new coaches that bully their way along trunk routes at up to 120km/h. You will be overtaken by big buses carrying over 70 passengers travelling at excessive speeds, oncoming traffic appears to be heading straight at you. People pass in curves, on a hillside and each day one reads of accidents that result in loss of lives and sometimes in great numbers. Keep an eye in the rear-view (driving) mirror and if necessary pull of the road in advance to let the closing loony past. Other than them you won’t see much traffic outside of Kampala, except on the road to Jinja and the Kenyan border.

The best thing however is to hire a car and a driver, and not just any but a well maintained vehicle and a safe driver that follows the rules.  Not easy to find either one of those. We hire only the best driver guides who have been to almost every corner of east Africa and know the twists and turns of every safari destination, – and feel a concern for the well being of our client. Driving at night can drive you mad and you should avoid the habit of driving without lights. Most Ugandans have this habit of driving without lights.  To be more perfect, hire a vehicle and a driver and enjoy your road trip in Uganda and east Africa as a whole. You will meet lots of very friendly and helpful people. If you are unfortunate enough to have a puncture remember to get out of the way of the rush of local people wanting to help change the wheel for you. Drivers in Uganda are very aggressive and keep you on the edge of your seat. Though I’ve mainly been around Kampala, so of course driving in the city is much more intense than in the rural areas. If you do plan to drive definitely have someone go with you for the first few drives, as driving on the left side, and amidst tons of minibus taxi’s and motor scooters is crazy. Overall the people are welcoming and helpful if you do happen to need help.

If you hire a decent car you probably won’t have any breakdown problems, fuel is available all around the country and there might be an occasional roadblock at Owen Falls Dam, Jinja, and a customs one on the way to the southwest. No one will try and solicit a bribe from you, unlike some other countries. Fuel is expensive in Uganda – the equivalent of around US$1.4 per litre for petrol and slightly less for diesel. If you are arriving overland its worth stocking up before you enter the country.

Contact us for the kind of car of your choice either on line or by directly visiting our offices. All our rates are fully inclusive of insurance, local taxes on unlimited mileage basis. Our company considers value for money and also covers great rates and outstanding customer service.

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Why Take a Uganda Safari this November?

Don’t postpone your dream Uganda gorilla tracking tour for any reason because the perfect time is now in November when great discounts and deals run in hotels and park entrance fees. November is the best shoulder time for budget travel and backpacking in Uganda the pearl of Africa. Most destinations and are less crowded and cheap offering great services at all through at affordable rates. It’s a great time to hit the road, in fact no rains as it was expected making it the better time to explore the interesting places and attractions in the pearl of Africa. Travel is by chance but choosing a destination is by choice so if Uganda is on your bucket list, just make it happen because finding another perfect time will take a couple of months.

Uganda is a wildlife lovers paradise with mountain gorillas, hippos, elephants, rhinos, which makes travelling to Uganda very practical. Many spend one – three weeks exploring the country but a Uganda trip to Murchison falls National park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Bwindi forest, Lake Bunyonyi, Ssese island,and Jinja source of Nile for Rafting and Bungee jumping adventure is highly recommended to travelers with enough time to discover the magical land of nature.

Discounted Gorilla permits and hotels for all trips across the country giving wanderlust a stress free vacation full of adventure and excitement. Imagine saving $150 USD on the gorilla permit a lone, how about the $10 USD off your night accommodation and sometimes you sleep free if you spend more than 3 days in a hotel. Did you know that this can only be found in Uganda and it’s the wanderlusts that enjoy the discount opportunities? You’re running out of time to book your dream Uganda safari to any part of the country yet there are a few days left to end the month of November.

Many have been to Uganda in the same travel times and have always had a great holiday experience than what they expected. Despite the few rains but the country remains beautiful and incredible and the roads are passable because it usually shines immediately. Let no rain imaginations should stop you from visiting Uganda in November because for the past three years we have very little rains in November to change of season so that isn’t a reason any more. You can get luxury for less staying in high class hotel at a low cost something you can’t have during other months of the year. Room for negotiation with service providers is very broad since the season isn’t that busy.

There is also plenty of hidden attractions to explore for free and without entrance fee and some places are open to travelers at this period of time in order to encourage more travel and tourism in the country. Gorilla racking tours should reach record highs this month travelers should start buying gorilla tracking permits and also booking gorilla trips to Bwindi forest.

Uganda has a number of world heritage sites and among them is the most visited Bwindi forest a home to half of the world remaining mountain gorillas. Start being among a smart travelers and take advantage of the discounted travel month in Uganda. However, looking at the best time to visit Uganda month by month November is the best for wildlife viewing, gorilla tracking, chimpanzee trekking, Birding and many others. Am one of those who have been in Uganda for gorilla trekking in November and found the time very benefiting and heavily discounted in all aspects. Experience holidays in Uganda like you live there by embarking on the most fantastic Uganda tour with in group or sole.

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Recommended Rental Cars for Family Safaris in Uganda

Are you looking to taking a safari in Uganda with your family? There is nothing funnier than having a self drive in Uganda with your family recorded as one of the best experiences one would get in his/her lifetime. Many people in the world during vacation time, they travel with their family along and most especially during summer holidays. There is that euphoric moment one get when one watches his/her family having a good time and also strengthens the bond with in the family thus leading to a functional family.

Uganda is of no doubt one of those exciting places in the world where one can take his/her family for holidays as it has lots of attractions a family can enjoy for example a family can take up a wildlife safari tour to see those exotic animals that are not usual in their daily life: animals like lions, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, leopards, monkeys, antelopes among the special. There also so many resort beaches and islands where a family can enjoy themselves on the very many water bodies with in Uganda.

However for a family to have a safe and convenience Uganda holiday, they need to rent a car to traverse them everywhere they want to go through some of the most eye catching destinations which are seemingly a distant apart. There is no better ground traveling options to the various holiday destinations for a family other than using Uganda car rentals. Many rental car companies Uganda are found online as one can book with his/her preferred one online or by calling it on the numbers.

Hiring rental cars online comes with lots of merits for a Uganda family holiday and they are as follow:

Convenience and flexibility

It is very easy to hire a car of your choice online, be it an SUV or a van that can best suit for your family holiday. There is always a variety of cars exhibited online; it is always upon you to choice a car of choice, needs and budget. Rental cars Uganda have both luxury cars and cheap cars for their esteemed customers.

In additional to the above, there is nothing like waiting in a long queue. All you need to do is sit on your computer send an email to the car rentals then the car will reserved for you. You can also opt to use the phones as the websites are mobile friendly for reservation and search. Booking is always available 24 hours a day.

Varieties of cars to choose from

Online car rental companies Uganda also display variety of cars for their customers, it is always up to the customer to choose a car that fits his/her needs. There always cars of different kinds that is large, medium, compact, crossovers, sedans, luxury, mid range and budget cars. All you need to do is the disclose the nature of holiday, the family is taking then our sales teams will be at your service to advise you the best car to hire for Uganda holiday.

Privacy and confidentiality

While booking car rentals online, there is always room for you to make a discrete reservation as your personal information only stays with the car rental company. The websites have security certificates where by your information cannot leak to other parties. It is always private and pirate free.

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Is Uganda a Safe Destination to Visit

Many holiday makers wonder whether Uganda is a safe destination to visit. Given its immense attractions including the mountain gorillas, many travelers would like to visit Uganda to track these great apes on gorilla tours. However there are several travel advisories that warn against traveling to some areas within Uganda.

Current Travel Advisories

There are a number of local and international media houses that are releasing stories to the effect that there are specific possible terrorist groups planning to carry out attacks in Uganda, targeting highly populated areas particularly in Kampala Capital City.

A few weeks ago, the US mission in Kampala received information from various sources, and issued an emergency warning indicating possible terrorist threats on specific locations where high class people, including US citizens, take time off to relax in Kampala, and that an attack may take place at any unexpected moment. In the same report, it was mentioned that a number of planned events that are expected to attract large crowds had been cancelled mainly at hotels in Kampala and stadiums. The US Embassy has however not yet released any further details regarding the issue.

The Ugandan people’s defense force spokesperson Paddy Ankunda said the warning was strongly believed to be linked to the Al-Qaeda-backed Islamist’s, who have carried out major attacks in Kampala in the past. He also added that the threat was “low level”, and may be due to the involvement of Uganda in Somalia, as it is known that Uganda is a key contributor to the African Union’s AMISOM force battling the Al-Shabaab inside Somalia.

Uganda and other neighboring countries in the region, and many others all over the world including the United States of America face the daily threat of terrorism from such groups as the Al Shabab and the Allied Democratic Forces, and have put in place effective counter terrorism measures, especially in Kampala city, Uganda’s Capital and at other vital installations such as Entebbe International Airport so as to ensure that the terrorist groups do not succeed in any of their attempts to carry out attacks on innocent people.

The Uganda Police, together with the different security agencies in the country, have continuously, and on a daily basis put a lot of emphasis and focus on the threat of terrorism and evaluate any kind of information relating to any possible attacks on the country.

The general public, especially the travelers to Uganda and in particular the tourists visiting Kampala Capital City, Entebbe, National parks, and other tourist attraction sites that there is no need to worry about anything with regards to security. Uganda, the Pearl of Africa is the most secure place to be in East Africa and your safety is the number one priority of the Government and all the agencies related to security. Our armed forces, police and intelligence are on full alert in all public places and tourist attractions to ensure that tourists continue enjoying every bit of their tour holiday in peace.

However, even with this safety reassurance in the country, it is everyone’s responsibility to be vigilant at any moment, and it is advisable to go ahead and report any suspicious items like bags, polythene paper, lying in any premises without any owner, any suspicious individuals and activities to the nearest police station, security officer, or Local Council official.

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Discovering Uganda on a Self Drive Road Trip

There are very many things that can make a Ugandan safari memorable than what you can expect, Uganda is one of the African countries which has very many tourist attraction which everyone can’t wish to miss to see when in this east African country. When in your own rental car you can discover Uganda’s secretes within few days. Crossing from one region to another could be a walk over and at your own convenience. With a rental car in Uganda you can drive wherever you wish to go with our self-drive comfortable vehicles.

In each region of Uganda there is an interesting attraction, in the far northern part of Uganda is the Kidepo Valley National park, this park is ranked among the top interesting places in Africa with a wide variety of wildlife some of which are rarely seen in other parks like giraffe, Burch ell’s Zebras, lions can be spotted sited on rocks, buffaloes, hyena among many others, the Sand along river Kidepo offers resting opportunity. When you try the north eastern part of Uganda you meet Uganda’s largest and bio diversified national park Murchison falls with spectacular view of the River Nile. It’s where the Nile squeezes through an 8m wide gorge and plunges with a thunderous roar into the Devil’s Cauldron’’, creating trademark rainbow you’ve never seen, the park is gifted with different species of life like giraffe, chimpanzee, baboons, lion and buffaloes are also present among others. From here, crossing to Kibale forest national park can be done in just about 7-8 hours. This wonderful park is blessed with over 13 species of primates coupled with chimpanzee the closest relative of man sharing almost 98% genes with human, however other primate species have also attracted very many travelers to this park like the baboons, black and white colobus monkey, civet monkeys just to mention but a few, bird watching is superb as the park is gifted with over 300 species of birds, other activities include community walk, nature walk make the park a can’t miss to visit when in a self-drive safari.

From Kibale you can proceed quickly to Queen Elizabeth national park for a drive of about 3 hours up to the park. QENP is gifted with rare and interesting species like the tree climbing lions, buffaloes, elephant, leopard, various species of antelopes and birds and all these can be seen during a game drive in our flexible and comfortable vehicles like Rav 4, 4WD super custom, Land cruiser. The park has many interesting activities like boat cruise at the Kazinga channel that connects lakes Kyoga and George, here you will be fortunate to come across several species of animals in a close distance like schools of hippos and crocodiles, buffaloes and elephants can be seen at the shoreline and many birds that feed on the lake.

Why not drive to bwind impenetrable national park to meet the rare primate the mountain gorillas which are only found to this park and Mgahinga gorilla forest national park. You will park at the park headquarters and then head to the rain tropical forest with a ranger guide and start searching for these giant apes. Gorilla tracking is the most interesting done activity on earth spending two hours while studying the behaviors of these giants is a moment in life difficult to forget. You can decide to visit other Uganda tourist attractions like Lake Bunyonyi the second deepest lake in the world enjoy activities like canoe ride, visit Semulike valley for chimpanzee and game drive, Lake Mburo for a game drive, boat ride, cultural walk. Enjoy Kampala city tour to meet very many interesting places like the national museum, Kasubi tombs and many others interesting places in the city. Indeed these and many other Uganda tourist attraction can be explored if you hire a self-drive car its very flexible to go to each and every corner of Uganda.