Experience Wildlife Safaris in Semuliki National Park

Visit the Semliki National Park located in the western part of Uganda and has a great experience about its wildlife. Semliki National Park is hosting many different species accumulating over years and is dominated by the eastern extension of the great ituri forest of the Congo basin. While planning for your tours in Uganda with the visit to Semliki National Park you will acquire a great experience about the tourist attraction activities which take place in park like birding, game drives, nature walks, hot springs, cultural encounter and trails.

Day one for your safari upon your arrival at the Entebbe national airport you will be welcomed by our guide and company representative and thereafter the journey is from Kampala to Fort Portal via Mubende highway or Kampala to Fort Portal via Masaka highway but this route is longer than Fort Portal – Mubende highway. Lunch is provided en-route and there is also some stop over at the equator for some photographs, adventure and snacks. Thereafter proceed with the journey up to the park and you will have your dinner and overnight either in Ndali or Kyaninga or Kibale Forest Camp.

Day two in Semliki National Park you can go for birding as your first adventure and this is where you obtain a great experience in bird species contained in Semliki through spotting and sighting of different species and birding here cost $ 100 USD per person per day. Sempaya and Ntandi provide excellent viewing of bird species like the white-crested horn bill, red-billed dwarf horn bill, piping horn bill, yellow – throated nicator, great blue and Ross Turaco. There is also shoe bill stock which is regularly seen at the close quarters on Lake Albert.

Day three you will go for game drives in the three trucks which cross the Savannah grasslands of Toro Semliki wildlife reserve. Smaller forest and larger Savannah elephants are regularly seen, along with buffalo, water buck, crocodile, warthog and Uganda Kob. If luck is with you, you may even see pygmy hippopotami, leopards and bush babies.

Day four you will go for nature walks and this 13km Kirumia trail runs through the heart of the forest to the Semliki River and this trail is good for birders because there are able to sight different species of birds and other creatures. On top of nature walks there is also interesting feature known as the hot springs and the long trail to the outer male spring leads through a patch of forest where red-tailed monkeys, grey – checked  manageable and black-and – white Colobus monkeys are common. There is also a tree house en-route which provides an aerial view and a 30 minute hike through the palm forest leads to the inner female spring with a boiling geyser where eggs and Matoke can be cooked by the boiling water and enjoyed by hungry hikers come and witness.

Next day you can end the safari with cultural encounters where you visit the Batwa hunters and experience their cultures, behaviours, lifestyles and way of living. After you safari it will be your journey back to Kampala where you will board from Entebbe airport back home with a great experience of the wildlife of Semliki National Park.

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