Kazinga Channel

The Kazinga Channel found in Uganda is considered to be approximately 32 kilometers

Long. Located within Kasese District 420 kilometers from the capital of Uganda Kampala, This natural channel connects Lake George together with Lake Albert and is a major feature with Queen Elizabeth National Park the most popular game reserve in Uganda that covers an expanse of 1,978 sq kilometers in which it lies. This channel draws a diversity of animals plus birds and supports one of the biggest populations of hippopotami in the world living together with giant crocodiles.

Lake George is a tiny lake with an estimated depth of just 2.4 meters. The lake is fed by numerous streams flowing from Mountain Rwenzori.  Lake George’s outflow goes through the natural Kazinga Channel and drains into the adjacent Lake Edward with the water levels changing very slightly.

Sadly, in 2005, a very big population of hippos died within the channel following an outbreak of anthrax which occurred when animals ingest or even inhale the anthrax spores as they graze. Actually ingestion is believed to be the commonest way in which herbivores get anthrax.

Top Attractions along the Kazinga Channel

A Boat Cruise on the stunning Kazinga Channel is a very rewarding experience and one among the most prominent launch cruises in Uganda. This Boat ride on the Kazinga Channel gives tourists an opportunity of marvel at the profusion of water birds, large mammals such as hippopotami, large herds of elephant and buffaloes. Once in a while you may see a leopard or lion by the Kazinga Channel banks. Some of the commonly seen bird species are pelicans and flamingos.

The 2 hour boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel is priced at US$10 per individual. The very first cruise begins at 9am, then this is followed by another one at 11 am, at 3pm, and then 5pm. You can book this cruise at Mweya Safari Lodge, which is located adjacent to the Kazinga Channel and is located high on the Mweya Peninsula.


A fee of US $30 is charged on non residents while east Africans pay US $20 each day.

The Boat cruises are priced at USD$10 per individual.

How to Get There:

Boat cruises begin at the beautiful Mweya peninsula, located 20 kilometers west of the highway of Kasese to Mbarara road. All vehicles roving between Mbarara and Kasese go through Katunguru. There are special-hire taxis available at the trading centre Katunguru. The fare is approximately thirty thousand Uganda Shillings (Ush30, 000) one way to the beautiful Mweya Lodge.

Where to Stay while at the Kazinga Channel:

There are a number of accommodation facilities around this beautiful Kazinga Channel, however, the most recommended ones include Mweya Safari Lodge with Rates ranging from US$130 per night per individual,  Mweya Hostel with Rates ranging from US$28 per night per individual and the Mweya Campsite  Rates with Rates ranging from US$6 per night per individual.

Additional accommodation facilities include: Ihamba Safari Lodge within Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kingfisher Lodge on the outskirts of the park, Simba Safari Camp, Katara Lodge, Bush Camp , Hippo Hill Lodge and Hotel Margherita Ltd.