Semuliki National Park


Semiliki National park’s forests and reserve has an impressive bird list of over 441 species which is truly remarkable for an area nine times smaller than Queen Elizabeth National Park.

This 220km2 forested National Park’s species include 46 Congo- Guinea biome species recorded nowhere else in East Africa. Specific Species include the Red –necked falcon, Black-billed barbel and the turkey –like ground horn bill. It also has another 35 species that can only be seen in 2-3 places in Uganda.

The Park’s 441 recorded species represent 40% of Uganda’s total of 1008. Of these 216 are forest species –accounting for 66% of the country’s forest bird list. Not only is Semiliki’s birdlife spectacular, but Semiliki National Park presents the birder the unique opportunity to view Albertine Rift endemics and Semiliki “specials”.