Nyero Rock Paintings

Nyero rock paintings with ancient paintings on the interior surface of the rocks

The Nyero rock paintings are found 8 kilometers west of the town of Kumi along the Ngora Road within the Eastern part of Uganda. This exceptional window of mankind’s ancient past engraved in stone is about 200 kilometers northeast of the capital of Uganda – Kampala. These are an ancient Iron Age Site and these rock paintings are located within the shelter of 3 rocks. A number of these paintings display animals, canoes as well as concentric circles.

The rock paintings are very similar to those found on Dolwe Island of Lake Victoria, Kaberamaido, Ngora Karamoja and Pallisa.

The site of the Nyero Rock paintings is a 3 tiered rock shelter. Archaeologically this site belongs to the later on Iron Age era. Although the makers of these paintings can’t be known, the cleverness with which the paintings were done shows a high degree of positive reception of their artistic values.

The resident Iteso people living in this area, migrated to area from the region of Karamoja which is farther north about 3 centuries ago, and they too have no idea of who actually painted these rocks.

These rocks can be visited on day trips and fortunately a number of tour companies offer trips to this pre-historic site. Actually you have the right to request your tour agent to incorporate a tour to this site in your safari itinerary while in Uganda. Fortunately the local people around this area are very social and welcoming.