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5 Best Destinations for Family Safaris in Uganda

Many wonder where to go and enjoy great times and moments, get nice photo shots  with friends and family but Uganda is one beautiful country in Africa for fantastic family holidays that  impact lives. Uganda is full of stunning views and wildlife whether you are in the game reserves or looking around at the nearby surrounding. The best part of Uganda family tours is that everyone is always active no matter the age. Make sure you head to Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi forest, Kidepo Valley, and Kampala city.

Attractive Murchison falls

It’s well worth to part with a few dollars for a ride on the might falls of the Nile, visit the top of the falls, start the day with a morning game drive and also end it with an evening one. The largest wildlife park in Uganda also a finest Uganda wildlife safari park features all you need for a perfect family holiday in Uganda. Nature is all over, wildlife in plenty, beautiful views, cool breeze, relaxing leisure ambience, primates, birds, good equipped lodges and hotels among others.

Bwindi Forest National Park

Some travelers think visiting Bwindi forest when you not above fifteen year of age aren’t worth because you won’t track mountain gorillas the main park attraction. However, there are several tour activities that the children can do when the elder ones go for gorilla trekking in the jungle forest. How about a nature walks through the forest and sees other park wildlife, or a tour to the park waterfalls. The entire park is simply stunning and it captures the tension of every visitor to Uganda. Be one of the few to explore the wonderful jungle forest with friends and family.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

It’s hard to take to take eyes off Queen Elizabeth National park when it comes to Uganda family tours because is just too much to enjoy together as a team. Imagine a moment close to hippos and crocodile on the Kazinga channel, a nice game drive to see tree climbing lions of Ishasha, the Equator caption, watching hug elephants move in groups and spotting various wildlife species in the park. But if you feel like tracking the chimpanzees, Kyambura gorge and Kalinzu forest reserve will offer you the very best chimpanzee safari experience in Africa. As per the name “Queen”, Elizabeth is simply the finest place to enjoy a family tour in Africa. The park has several accommodations facilities with good family units so no need to worry about where to stay.

Kidepo Valley National Park

The only place in Uganda to enjoy game viewing all day both in the park trails and at your lodge of residence. The park boarders Masai Mara Kenya so wildlife is in plenty. Also the Karamajong culture makes every smile looking at how they live dress and dance. If you planning for a family safari tour in Africa and you want your family to have a clear glance at attractive wildlife especially the Big five, Kidepo Valley National Park is your place to be in Uganda. Kidepo is one of the great game reserves in Africa and it has always been a place for wonderful wildlife safaris.

Kampala city

Kampala Uganda capital has various fun tour activities for all people young and elderly. From the amusement parks to the night life and many various cultural and religious sites. Don’t miss a chance to spend time with your family in the famous children play grounds, Wonder world, Freedom city, garden city roof top and many others.

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