Amabeere Ga Nyinamwiru

The Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru are situated close to the Nyakasura School within Kabarole district in western Uganda. This is a limestone site that has stalagmites as well as stalactites. The fairy tale say that the Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru (translated as “the Breasts of Nyina Mwiru”) cave was named after the daughter of King Bukuku, then ruler of the Batembuzi Dynasty and ancestor of the current day Babito Kings of Bunyoro plus Toro Kingdoms; Nyina Mwiru.

Several contradictory stories have been raised to talk about Nyina Mwiru, some say that Nyina Mwiru was a very beautiful girl who got several marriage proposals from several men and this got the father very angry, so what he did was to cut off her breasts but nonetheless this did not stop them.

Others say that Nyina Mwiru declined to marry the only man that her father had chosen for her, so the punishment her father gave her was to cut off all her breasts.

Yet still other claim that Nyina Mwiru cut off the breasts by herself after fleeing to this place following her father declining her from marrying the man of her interest. However regardless of the different stories, the Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru site was named after Nyina Wwiru whose breasts where cut off, and these are said to have grown into a rock that we see at present day that drips “milk”.

Within the caves, is a large flat cave-roof basement scattered with water drops and these splash as though the rain is actually drizzling.

Speaking from the Geographical point of view, these rocks and cave are referred to as stalagmites (a kind of fungus) plus stalactites. The stalagmite rises from the limestone cave’s floor because of the dripping of mineral solutions as well as calcium carbonate deposition. The resultant formation on the cave’s ceiling is called a stalactite. In case these two formations happen to grow together, they result into a column.

Under normal circumstances, Stalagmite must not at any one time be touched because the rock formation is created by minerals that solidify from the water solution over the very old surface.  Skin oils are capable of disturbing where these mineral waters will actually cling, and as a consequence have an effect on the growth of this formation. In addition, dirt as well as Oils from hands can stain this formation and also permanently change its color.

Not far from this site is beautiful water fall right in the rock system as well as a number of crater lakes adjacent and these have qualified this place to be recognized as one of the cultural sited in Uganda the Pearl of Africa.