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Camping Around Uganda: Best National Parks to Visit

Camping is when people decide to leave town to spend time living in the outdoors and sleeping in tents. Some people choose to go camping since this is an affordable option and others have a zeal for it. Those looking to experience the most on a budget, Uganda’s National Parks and reserves offer one of the cheapest and easiest ways to connect with nature. It’s not for the faint of heart, but bush camping can leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

Essentials of Camping

Fire is so essential in camping because it makes bush camping safe to people carrying out camping reason being that animals are instinctively afraid of fire. Animals know that fire is death and destruction so they will avoid coming near it. Therefore set up camp during the day and arrange the fire pit so that it will be ready by night time. If an animal approaches you or you hear anything, be calm and back away slowly. Seek shelter in your car or another closed structure.

Camping in national parks is so exciting but do not forget and start moving anywhere you feel like going. Wild animals cannot read signs that show the campsite and are more likely to wonder through both day and night. Make sure you look round constantly and be aware of what is around you. At night make sure you have a sufficient flashlight and extra batteries so that you can check what is around you before moving very far from the vehicle.

Best Places Where to Go Camping

There are many camping grounds all over the country catering for all levels of adventure. Some are privately owned and others owned by the Uganda Wildlife Authority within the National parks and game reserves. Camping facilities vary in amenities so it better to first inquire and get to know what you are supposed to pack.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority offers bush camping inside Murchison Falls National Park on the Nile Delta. Here, you need to bring everything since you are in the bush including all the water you need a shovel for a bush toilet. The sun sets over the delta are so incredible and are followed by a star filled sky and plenty of animal noises. Camping at delta makes you get close to nature as you are in the middle of the Park.

At Murchison River lodge, the campsite is a large flat area with plenty of shade, a couple of camp kitchens, running water, a very spacious shower and a toilet block. Meals and drinks are available since the camp is part of the lodge.

There is Mweya Peninsular campsite located in the northern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is a large open campsite that is so active with wildlife. For those people who want to sit in one place to enjoy camp experiences, you will not be disappointed with the wildlife that passes through this site. Flushing toilets, cold shower water and fire wood are provided at this camp site.

There are other campsites like the Haven found in Jinja, Ishasha River campsite owned by the Uganda Wildlife Authority in Queen Elizabeth National Park are really good places for camping where interesting and unique creatures will keep you entertained for hours. Camping costs will vary by location but rarely exceed 15,000 UGX a night. If you are at a campsite that requires an armed guard, the cost for the guard’s time (they will spend the night at the campsite with you) is around 100,000 UGX.

It is too bad to arrive at the campsite to find a mess being left behind by previous campers. It is better to make use of trash cans positively if you don’t have any, pack out your garbage than leaving it there. When camping near other people, try to be respectful of their space and control your noise levels.

Besides your camping essentials, there are some things you shouldn’t leave home without. Bring what you think will make you comfortable during your safari. For example, plenty of drinking water, toilet paper, mosquito repellent and binoculars.

Are you a foreign tourist looking to going camping in Uganda’s national parks? You can arrange a great camping experience if you hire a car in Uganda from one of the local car rental agencies. The car hire agency will take care of the essentials that you need for your trip. There are also modern car rentals with rooftop tents that you can use for an amazing bush experience.

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