How to obtain Gorilla Trekking Permits IN Uganda.

To obtain a Uganda Gorilla trekking permit is quite easy since it is the most outstanding tourist attraction in Uganda. They are quite a much sought of commodity and usually a small number of people are allowed to track them since they are an endangered species. To fully participate in this activity, it will take you some good time to plan as you will need to ensure an opportunity by securing a gorilla tracking permit in advance. If you wish extend your tracking session to the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Mountain Gorillas there are not very stable because their movements while the republic it easy to track because it at the border with Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Many registered tours and Travel Company do arrange Gorilla tracking safaris and to participate in this activity, you will need to secure for yourself a Gorilla permit.
As a tourist, the best, the best bet for obtaining a Mountain Gorilla is through booking with a registered and genuine tour company in Uganda. The activity will however be done with other wildlife safaris including bird watching, Chimpanzee viewing, butterfly watching and visiting the Batwa people within the Bwindi forest. Presently, the cost of a Gorilla permit is US 600 and for you to participate in this activity you should be above 15 years of age. These permits can be obtained for two national parks of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla national park. However, in Mgahinga Gorilla the mountain gorillas are not stable since they keep on moving from back and forth from Rwanda to the Republic of Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Congo.

The mountain Gorilla trip organized by a genuine and registered tour operator will give you an opportunity to meet and spend time with the Mountain Gorillas. After this experience, you will be issued with a certificate by Uganda Wildlife Authority. A fee of $ 600 is seen as a step towards Gorilla tracking though it worth and upon completion there is no mention of the money. Only a satisfaction of having seen these magnificent and rare animals is rewarding to the activity.

There are discounted Gorilla permits in Uganda for low seasons which is during the Months of April, May and November. You should note that off season prices for discounted gorilla permits in 2017 is at USD 450 per person for foreign none residents and USD 400.00 for east African residents who do hold work permits. The Uganda Wildlife Authority in conjunction with the Association of Uganda Tour Operators will persistently continue to offer discounted Gorilla permits in Uganda during low seasons. Residents of East Africa will save up to USD 200.00 since Uganda Wildlife Authority Charges them USD 400.00. This idea has been welcomed since the country looks to improve the tourist’s inflow. Voted by lonely planet as one the best destination, Uganda has got the highest tourist growth in the whole of Africa in 2012. The president of Uganda has sighted tourism as the as a sector that will drive the country out of poverty in the coming years. With the discount of the Gorilla permits in Uganda especially on the low seasons; you will only increase on tourists inflow. Uganda giving discounts to Gorilla permits; it gives a challenge to Rwanda to do the same as it persistently increased its permits from USD 500.00 to USD 750.00. Based on the fact that Uganda has a number of attractions like beautiful National parks, source of the Nile, Rwenzori and Elgon Mountains, Lake Victoria among others coupled with relative stability, infrastructural development, things seem to be going in a positive way.