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Best Things To DO On A Self Drive Safari To Uganda

If you just want to hire a car from us, here are a variety of safari options you will have to watch on your self drive safari, if you don’t care we can hire you a car as well as organizing the whole safari for you, because we do both car hire as well as organizing safaris to various destination including Uganda, Rwanda, DRC and Burundi. Since it’s not easy to drive in a strange nation some ask for drivers, we have well and experience drivers who as well can work as guides, they are very knowledgeable in the field and know each and every corner of the country. However you can still go for a self-drive if you’re a careful driver and you can drive in Uganda using a foreign driving license for up to 3 three months after which you will need to get a Uganda driving license from the Uganda revenue authority or an international driving permit. Since Uganda is one of the gifted nations in the world with very many interesting things waiting for you to discover when on a Uganda safari, perhaps in a self-drive vehicle. national parks and games with abundant wildlife, plants and various species of birds, mountain hiking activities, lakes and rivers which provide memorable activities like fishing and rafting on the longest river Nile indeed the self drive safari in Uganda is worth it. Explore the pearl of Africa as it’s sometimes referred to you won’t regret. If you need a self-drive car only, we can do offer it to you at a very friendly price that will fit your budget and in fact you won’t fail to have a breathtaking safari. Considering many activities that you may enjoy on your self drive safari /car rental the following below is the list among others.

Entebbe has very many interesting places to visit like beaches over 15 beaches are located only at Entebbe , visit also the botanical gardens for refreshment /relaxing, you can also take a nature walk and here you have a chance to spot various species of primates, birds among others. When you continue to Kampala which is about 40kms around an hour drive to Kampala Uganda’s capital and its largest city, however you should not that Entebbe highway is a very busy road with very many traffic jams so some patience is needed.

When you arrive in Kampala there very many things to enjoy like you can visit the Uganda Museum here you are equipped with more information about the history of Uganda, visit the Ba’hai temple, Kasubi Tombs where over 4 kings of Buganda where buried, it’s a respectful place most especially to the Baganda tribe who contributes the highest percentage of the Ugandan population over. You can also decide to visit the Makerere art Gallery, the Uganda martyrs shrine at Namugongo where over 22 Uganda martyrs where burnt arrive for failure to renounce their religion on the orders of Kabaka (king) Mwanga , other places include craft village and local markets. With a self-drive car you can’t fail to visit all these places and all of these places are within 15 kilometers drive from the capital city Kampala.

To the south western part of Uganda is where most of the tourist attractions are located and it’s not congested with traffic jam like in Kampala, many attractions are located to this area like the equator crossing, Uganda national parks like Lake Mburo national park with spectacular wildlife, Queen Elizabeth national park a famous park for its tree climbing lions, Bwindi impenetrable national park known for housing the rare mountain gorillas, kibale forest national park a home for chimpanzee and other primate species, Semuliki national park known for birding spot, lake Bunyoyi the deepest lake in the world is located to the southern part of the country, Mgahinga national park also for mountain gorillas. So with our good and comfortable cars reaching all these areas is just a walkover, thrust your hands into equatorial snow on mount Rwenzori, the highest and most remarkable of the Nile’s many sources.

To the north eastern part of Uganda is the Murchison falls national park Uganda’s largest national park see hear and feel the Nile explode through a chasm just 6m wide at Murchison falls. The park is also reach with a variety of animal species including the big five mammal except rhinos which can only be tracked at ziwa rhino sanctuary just on your way to this wonderful park. The park houses the big herds of elephant, buffaloes, lion, leopard, different species of antelope’s giraffe the list is endless, and all these can be spotted during a game drive to the northern part of the park.

The northern part of the country is the Kidepo valley national park housing, many untouched attractions just waiting for you to explore. Shake off the dust and relax on the slopes of Mount Elgon around Sipi Falls to the eastern side of the country. This is just a few on what you can do on a Uganda safari this is just a sample, with our 4×4 vehicle a combination of these places can be reached in just days . Contact for more information