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There are lots of thinng to do while on holiday in Uganda. From gorilla trekking to traditional wildlife safaris in savanna parks, there are different adventure activities that will impress you and at the end of your tour you will agree with Sir Winston Churchill who visited the country in 1902 that uganda is “the Pearl of Africa”!

Uganda is a microcosm of Africa. Few countries on this earth are comparable to Uganda when it comes to spectacular sights, fascinating wildlife and an array of exotic flavors and smells. You can take a fantastic Uganda and discover the abundance of incredible holiday activities.

Here are our top 10 things to do in Uganda

Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking is the highlight of most safaris in Uganda. The famed Bwindi National Park offers travelers with an opportunity to look into the pensive eyes of the endangered mountain gorillas on a gorilla trekking tour in Africa! The park is part of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, located just on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. As the name Bwindi implies, the forest is dense forest that’s only penetrable by foot. The park is a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site hosting nearly half of the total remaining population of the mountain gorillas.

Chimpanzee Tracking

Looking to see chimpanzees in the wild? Are you a primate lover? Take a safari to Uganda and track the trails of wild chimpanzees in various forests such as Kibale Forest, Budongo Forest, Kaniyo Pabidi, Kaliznu Forest, Kyambura Gorge and more. In addition to that there are 13 other primates that are recorded to exist in Uganda including the cheeky swinging monkeys.

White Water Rafting

A rafting trip in Uganda might not be the first thing you think of when you imagine your Uganda travels, but those who experience rafting in Nalubale often count it as one of the highlights of their trip. It’s often challenging, but companies in the region offer safety boats to ensure you stay in one piece and have the rafting trip of a lifetime.

Mountain Climbing

The Rwenzori National park doesn’t offer treks for the faint-hearted. The mountain ranges are tough but climbers will be rewarded with some of the most scintillating scenery on the planet.

With the diversity of rich plant-life, prodigious waterfalls and stunning glaciers, Rwenzori National Park lists an unrivaled amount of beautiful scenery.


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