Bungee Jumping

You have probably engaged in several adventurous activities but if you haven’t kissed the Nile (Bungee jump), then you still have a lot to discover and enjoy during safari in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

This is now your time to join the list of winners in experiencing some of the adrenaline-packed activities offered at the Source of the Nile, in Jinja district. The magical Nile River offers one of the best bungee jumping opportunities in the World. Picture yourself jumping off a platform of 44 meters (144 feet) high in the air and just hope that the rope tied to your ankles doesn’t eventually break off.

The adventure always begins from Jinja district (the adventure Capital of the country) where you will enjoy this activity in East Africa with a drop touching or kissing the Source of the Nile. is it really safe, yes be assured of your safety because the companies in-charge of the adventure have several years of offering fun, safe and fulfilling experience in the World.

While on this activity, participants jump off a tall structure inform of a bridge over the Nile River while held by an elastic cord that is firmly tied up at the Bridge with at least two instructors and safety advisors always on standby. The excitement of this adventurous activity comes from the fall and the rebound when you jump the cord stretches and then you fly upwards as the elastic cord recoils continuing up and down until it is gently lowered down by the instructors.

The instructors of Bungee jumping will turn and look at you after strapping you, as your heart will be filled with panic and fear as you stare at the drop that in your mind might probably end your life. Remember that the activity is not for the fainthearted but rather for strong hearted and adventure enthusiasts.

The straps with be double-checked and the instructors will then smile at you as they encourage you of how you can also do it. You make sure to close your eyes as you are being pushed down the ramp and your heart will race as you wait to see whether you are still alive or not.

So far, the Nile high bungee jump is one of the best in Africa because it meets safety standards operated by some of the award-winning 5-star jump crew by far the most experienced in the African continent. The purpose built bungee jump is operated to the highest Australasian standards with tourists above 13 years being accepted to participate in the jaw-dropping activity.

The breathtaking view before you jump captures all the impressiveness and serenity of the Nile River and tourists who are faint-hearted or suffering from diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure as neurological disorders as well as other life-threatening illnesses are discouraged from participating.

Do tourists need to be experienced so as to participate in bungee jumping? All in all, tourists don’t need a prior experience because all the instructors are keen on all aspects of safety so as to prepare you for the life changing adventure.

Besides bungee jumping, Jinja is a home to other adventurous activities such as whitewater rafting, jet boating, kayaking, river surfing, sport fishing, boat cruising, bird watching, houseboat rides, horseback riding, all terrain vehicle quad biking, big game mini golf, mountain biking, visit to Itanda falls as well as exploring visiting Nile breweries.