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Experience the Culture of Uganda

Uganda as commonly referred to as the pearl of Africa is a land locked country on the equator and surrounded by the great lakes of central Africa, Uganda was one of the last parts that the foreigners reached, these where Arabs who came first spreading the gossip of Islam, slaves and ivory in the 1840s. These were followed by white’s British nationals who came to meet the king by then Mutesa the kabaka of Buganda.

The existence of the Kingdoms in Uganda had a great impact on tradition. All the ruling was done the old way from food, clothes, trade and behaviors’ and lot is still in place and preserved as we could. Given the fact that Uganda was scrambled in the 1880 not only Uganda but Africa at large. The existence of these wars and new behaviors in Uganda brought too much change that up to date Uganda has taken up the western life style as their daily life but embrace tradition as much as they can.

Categorized into the batwa and Nilotic ethnic groups, who are believed to have originated from west Africa in Cameroon. Migrated, divided and settled in Uganda, the batwa who are the “twa” speaking people settled in West, central, south and East of Uganda. It is of great surprise that the divided ethnic groups scattered around the country speak up to over 40 different languages.

For your visit whether on a self drive car hire in Uganda or guided trips with Auto Rental Uganda, you can be able to see how we lived, the ancient life style and behavior and more interesting when with one of our resourceful driver guides. Uganda is still privileged to have people who like tradition much and live it as their life style every single day. Be sure to enjoy Uganda’s tradition to the fullest in real life not only in the museum. In the northern Uganda lives and settles a tribe the Karamajong who decided to stay as our great grand fathers typically. Rarely will you find them here in the central but many will be in the villages who are the Batwa and Bagishu.

On your guided trip to Uganda you can ask your resourceful driver guide at Auto Rental Uganda to not only schedule for you the wild life but also the ancient Uganda. It can be seen in many ways around Uganda in museums and in real life style, food in all delicacies highlighting the ancient Uganda like we used not cook in saucepans but clay made pots that are still in place up to-date, traditional dance and attires, kingdoms and the process they go through to be a king, where they are buried. The ancient Uganda is better than the modern Uganda, for comparison you must visit Uganda. For some reason the Kampala city tour that takes you through the biggest tribe of the Buganda, highlights the long history of Buganda and the long chain of the kings. This doesn’t stop here but proceeds to the tombs where they were buried and also the first of its kind in Africa huge grass thatched huts. Unfortunately that was brought down by arsonists and still no trace of the criminals has been found.

In Uganda everything is a must see, just mention it and it will be served to you on a silver plate with that mouth-dropping dessert of course; this is the time you should plan your trip to Uganda. It’s one of the few places in Africa where you have value for your money to the maximum with a bonus.

As they say traveling is discovering the wrong perception others have about the others. Lets travel and take away the perceptions.

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