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How to Pack Your Car for a Road Trip

A road trip safari on a self-drive is one of the best options one should go for; as it gives you an opportunity to enjoy more due to the freedom it give you.  You are free to drive at your own pace and stop at any area of interest without any one stopping you. However one can hire a car on a chauffeur, all chooses are good but what matters most is to go on a safari and come back when satisfied. With Uganda self drive, you are guaranteed both choices depending on your interest and we have a variety of car fleet that can meet your satisfaction and we do hire them at a friendly price.  They have enough space for lugages, with air conditioner.  To drive and came back when satisfied is attributed to very many factors, more of it and more important is how to pack for your road trip depending to the number of people you are travelling with. Below are some of the rules that make packing easier.

Backup Kit:  don’t forget to pack using items like mobile phone and a charger is a must pack, make sure that its well packed before you start off with your drive, a phone is very important as in case of anything you have to communicate back to the car hire company. Other useful emergency items include a first-aid kit, warning triangle, torch, and jump leads, if you have children a plastic bag, tissues are also necessary. If these are packed well your road trip will be a memorable one.

Travelers: passengers should sit in the right position that they feel very comfortable, those who are sick should be able to sit at the window to see out of the windscreen, and for any passage sited in front- should be allowed to do so and should not forget to tie a seat belt, so sitting in the right position will give you a chance to travel safer.

Baggage:  the luggage packed is determined by the capacity of the car. Always endeavor to put the heavy items as far forward and as close to the floor in the cargo area as possible. Don’t over load the car you may end up damaging it. Avoid loading stuff up to the ceiling that you cannot even see out of the back window, you may end up not seeing from behind. Anything you think very important on your trip don’t leave it out like a jacket, bag, among many others should be stored within easy reach to avoid wasting time looking for them.

Pack DVDS and CDS, music or movies that will entertain you along the road trip to keep you not bored and you will not realize the long distance covered. However most of the hired cars have music but you may be interested in your music, so bring music that will not bore you on your safari, however make sure that everyone knows how to share.

Fuel/gas:  before starting your road trip make sure that your car is well fueled to enable you drive for a distance calculated. In most of the remote parts of the country, it’s very hard to find petrol stations something that will give you herd time once your car get out of fuel.  Ask the car hire agency to advice you on the amount of fuel you should use before setting off to your destination. It pains a lot if your car gets stuck on the road due to shortage of fuel in an area where there is no petrol station, this will ruin your safari.

If possible pack your food/snacks especially if you are going to drive for a long journey to avoid eating in un trusted restaurants or shopping for junk food. Pack your fruits, snacks, or you can decide to prepare a panic lunch if possible to avoid unhealthy meals along the road. Although very many restaurants are situated on many big towns along the road you can buy from there if you’ve not packed your food

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