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Planning a Road Trip in Uganda

In order to have a breathtaking road trip safari to Uganda here are some of the tips you must put under consideration in order to have a wonderful safari.

Always draft an itinerary

This is very important on any safari whether on self-drive or with a driver, know the number of days you will be on the safari and the destination you want to visit. Drafting the itinerary will help you to know which routes to use and when to stop for lunch or to have stopovers for sightseeing. It’s also very important to figure out the duration from point A to B, this will help you to avoid over straining yourself plus the people you are driving andit will help you to plan for your fuel estimations.

Book your room(s)in advance.

This is also very vital as road trip is very tiring so you will be tired and need abed every night. Due to this it is always advised to book your room in advance before even traveling to Uganda to avoid inconveniences. Many lodges/hotels and safari camps are located inside or close to all national parks and local attraction and at times especially during the high season they get fully booked very fast, so to avoid all these figure out which destinations you will be visiting and book your accommodation in time at least one month before arrival to avoid disappointments like missing out on your preferred accommodation, if you’ve made reservation, it’s also very important to make a phone call to those responsible for your accommodation ensuring them your dates of arrival.

Try to research about local attractions along the way

It’s not good to drive for a long journey without stopovers on the way to have a look at the local attractions. Before traveling try to search through Google and Travel guide books among others to get to know some of the attraction you will be visiting before arrival to your visit destination, however you can decide to visit the less popularly known attraction to have great experience on your safari to Uganda. Visit our website to get more information about parks, accommodation, routes and cars to rent. It’s recommended to purchase a travel map to avoid getting lost or you can download the Google maps app to help you determine your location no matter which place you are in at that particular time.

Packing list

Before travelling it’s also of important to know the packing list of the vital things needed for the safari. Always pack what is needed to avoid the big size of the luggage. Unless you are going to embark on a camping or hiking trip, it is suitable to pack light clothes and a few gadgets to get that extra room in the car boot. For those coming on a gorilla safari don’t forget to pack sturdy pair of walking shoes/boots, long sleeved shirts or blouses, insect repellent, jacket. Most safari lodges and hotels in Uganda offer laundry services so you can always be assured of putting fresh clothes.

Don’t fear locals, ask them

Uganda is known as a country with friendly people, so in case of anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask them in any destination you will be traveling, in case you need to find where you are going, or looking for a cheap place to get food, the local people are always more than willing to help you out, many are even more eager to teach you their language, this will add fun to your whole experience in Africa.

Take Pictures

Take as many photos as you can at the site you visited, as photos are the only thing that can make your safari memorable, pose and take photos with the people you came with. It’s advisable to come with good cameras plus back-up batteries & film to ensure you don’t miss out any nice scenes.

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