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Benefits of Traveling as A Family

Many factors contributes to the success of the safari, one and major factor is traveling as group or family. It’s always very good to go on a safari and come back when satisfied and this is every one’s wish.

Traveling could be a must to everyone’s life and more so outside your home country. Spending the whole year in the office without getting time to refresh your mind is really boring so one should reserve some precious time outside his/her home country and have a refreshment. Travelling as a group or family is perfect as you will have a lot of things to learn and enjoy as a group.

Your safari will be cost effective due to the fact that everyone has to share on the total fee of the all safari since everything is shared.  Everyone has to share on the transportation costs, accommodation, meals and also on some activities, so you will have a chance to save something in your pockets.  If you are planning to travel solo, think about the following benefits of travelling in a group or as a family you will change your mind

Cost effective

Most so important with travelling as a group is that its cost effective, this comes a fact that everything is shared as all you in team travelled ranging from accommodation, transportation and meals.  Leave alone that but most of tour and travel companies as well as car hiring companies offers discounts to people travelling in groups at the cost given is cost effective. Not only that, some of the tour and travel companies, car hire companies, lodges/hotels give discounts for a big groups of people travelling together. The joy of saving some money remains in one’s hand. So one can save a lot of money if travel as a group than a sole traveler. Begin to get people interested in travelling together, the more the number of people travelling the lower the price.

Very safe

Many people fear to travel Alone in a strange nation, however, if you travel as a group/family, this fear is swept away. One thing with travelling in a group, even if one gets lost or when there is a break down, possible ways of getting a cooperative solution are very high. A lot of Uganda’s tourist attractions are located in far remote areas deep in the village, so one may feel insecure when travelled alone than when in a group. So think about travelling as group than sole.

Room for socializing on a safari:

It’s really fun to travel in a group or as a family, you have a chance to share any great moment during and after the safari. Like in a group when you don’t know each other, in the process during the safari you can get new friends whom you can share the same interest and experience, while on camp fires, bars or any other convenient place during the safari and bring memories of the day’s activities. Whatever you do during the drive to the destination, during the activity at the lodge will Shared all together as a family/group and you will become friends forever.

Quick and easy decision making;

Decision making can be very quick if you sit as a group than a sole traveler. You can easily sit and decide in time where to go on a safari and what to do. With the ideas raised by each member and a combine effort the issue at hand can be solved easily. So you will end-upcoming with right and quick discussion about how the all safari will go including where to sleep, the transport to use, the number of days to spend on safari. So everything will become very quick and within a shortest period of time you come-up with a collective solution.

In a nutshell, start planning your safari in time, always tell a friend to tell a friend so that you can travel together.  Travelling together has a lot of benefits and you won’t regret. If you would like to rent a family car in Uganda contact us on or you can call us direct on +256776641554/+256754787409

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