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Explore Uganda’s National Parks on Self Drive

These are the only two national parks that are located in the northern Uganda, for the Kidepo Valley National Park it is 2 day drive to arrive and some travelers with enough time in Uganda do go on their own and to access these parks; we organized with Car Rental Uganda a local car rental agency that provided us with reliable car and customized itinerary which indicated the activities we were to do while in the park plus some of the wild animals that is inhabited within them.

Due to our budget, we tried to arrange a 15 day safari. It wasn’t too late; we traveled to Uganda to take up our safari we had arranged. Since we reached Uganda in the morning, we just traveled straight to Murchison Falls National Park via the Ziwa rhino sanctuary for the foot rhino tracking and we stayed at the Rhino camp as we were tired to drive again into the park.

On this day we took a canoe ride in the one of the swamp in this place and lucky enough with our site ranger we managed to spot the rare shoe bill and my friend Don very good photographer took variety of photos to present back to the university and after we drove to the park with the visit to the top of the falls which is so amazing as the River Nile flows through the rock gorge. Spent enough time at the point wondering the nature and relaxing at the top with more tourists that we found here from different continent of the world.

Since we were tired, we took en-route game drive through the park heading to the Fort Murchison Camp for our lunch and relax again after long drive. Then in the evening we packed our equipment and took an evening game drive and luck enough as soon as we enter just after the gate we met the leopard along the road hunting and we continued following it and after seconds we spotted another one and we had to park and we did nice photography and filming at no cost but we had a good chance spotting them in Africa.

Early in the morning, we started another game drive looking for wildlife within the park, and more were spotted ad true Murchison Falls offers it all and after we did the boat cruise towards the falls and along the river lines, we witnessed hippos and the crocodiles which are permanent residents. As we continued with our game drives, we encountered a lot of other wild animals such as, antelopes, hyenas, bush bucks, herds of Uganda kobs , lions, leopards, buffaloes and the African elephant were seen here and this  made our holiday valuable.

Please not forgetting moving in the Budongo forest, we came across the Chimpanzees, blue and red tailed monkeys. This left us nodding our heads due to the wonderful and amazing wild animals that occupy this park at a glance.

After enjoying some that this park offers we continued with the journey to Kidepo Valley National Park that is found in north – eastern Uganda. This is the only isolated park in Uganda lying in the semi arid northeastern borders of Uganda-Kenya and South Sudan. We rested at Ng’amoru Wilderness Camp which lies outside the park where we were provided by the bush room to relax and on the next day after a briefing from the rangers from the park in order to eliminate counters from most of the predators, we used our can to tour around the park. During our drive herds of zebras, antelopes, leopards, lions, bush pigs, Warthogs, cheetah, Rothschild’s giraffe bush bucks and the oribi were observed along the valleys within the park.

Any person who has never been on a wildlife holiday may conclude or may not see the value associated with it, but I and my colleague can tell the stress free environment one can be in when he/she is out of his/her home country while in Uganda, we enjoyed this tour because of the perfect services rendered to us straight from the rental car, lodges booked and the driving tips that the managing manager of 4×4 Car Hire Uganda – Moses gave us they helped us so much on our first driving in Uganda.

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