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Why Take a Uganda Safari this November?

Don’t postpone your dream Uganda gorilla tracking tour for any reason because the perfect time is now in November when great discounts and deals run in hotels and park entrance fees. November is the best shoulder time for budget travel and backpacking in Uganda the pearl of Africa. Most destinations and are less crowded and cheap offering great services at all through at affordable rates. It’s a great time to hit the road, in fact no rains as it was expected making it the better time to explore the interesting places and attractions in the pearl of Africa. Travel is by chance but choosing a destination is by choice so if Uganda is on your bucket list, just make it happen because finding another perfect time will take a couple of months.

Uganda is a wildlife lovers paradise with mountain gorillas, hippos, elephants, rhinos, which makes travelling to Uganda very practical. Many spend one – three weeks exploring the country but a Uganda trip to Murchison falls National park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Bwindi forest, Lake Bunyonyi, Ssese island,and Jinja source of Nile for Rafting and Bungee jumping adventure is highly recommended to travelers with enough time to discover the magical land of nature.

Discounted Gorilla permits and hotels for all trips across the country giving wanderlust a stress free vacation full of adventure and excitement. Imagine saving $150 USD on the gorilla permit a lone, how about the $10 USD off your night accommodation and sometimes you sleep free if you spend more than 3 days in a hotel. Did you know that this can only be found in Uganda and it’s the wanderlusts that enjoy the discount opportunities? You’re running out of time to book your dream Uganda safari to any part of the country yet there are a few days left to end the month of November.

Many have been to Uganda in the same travel times and have always had a great holiday experience than what they expected. Despite the few rains but the country remains beautiful and incredible and the roads are passable because it usually shines immediately. Let no rain imaginations should stop you from visiting Uganda in November because for the past three years we have very little rains in November to change of season so that isn’t a reason any more. You can get luxury for less staying in high class hotel at a low cost something you can’t have during other months of the year. Room for negotiation with service providers is very broad since the season isn’t that busy.

There is also plenty of hidden attractions to explore for free and without entrance fee and some places are open to travelers at this period of time in order to encourage more travel and tourism in the country. Gorilla racking tours should reach record highs this month travelers should start buying gorilla tracking permits and also booking gorilla trips to Bwindi forest.

Uganda has a number of world heritage sites and among them is the most visited Bwindi forest a home to half of the world remaining mountain gorillas. Start being among a smart travelers and take advantage of the discounted travel month in Uganda. However, looking at the best time to visit Uganda month by month November is the best for wildlife viewing, gorilla tracking, chimpanzee trekking, Birding and many others. Am one of those who have been in Uganda for gorilla trekking in November and found the time very benefiting and heavily discounted in all aspects. Experience holidays in Uganda like you live there by embarking on the most fantastic Uganda tour with in group or sole.

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