Uganda Safaris

Travel Uganda to experience the best that Africa has to offer. With scenery so striking it looks like an oil painting and the heart-warming hospitality of the ever-smiling Ugandan people, time spent in the magical microcosm of Uganda is sure to impress. There are many things to see and do in Uganda including exploring the sprawling capital of Kampala, trekking in lush hills, high mountains, arid lands and wetlands, white water rafting the huge surging waves of the White Nile, or enjoying the tranquility of one of the most incredible wildlife experiences on the planet by joining a Gorilla watching safari.

Our Uganda tours are suitable for all types of traveler. Run with the help of local guides our tours in Uganda not only introduce you to the majesty of Uganda, but also come with local knowledge. Be sure to check out our personally selected Uganda hotels to find the best accommodation match for you to enjoy during your Ugandan vacation!

We currently offer Uganda tours in:

– Jinja
– Kampala and Entebbe
– Western Uganda